Kulturhistorisk museum – Stave church portals

Ål Stave church, Hallingdal, 1100
Stave church portal, Åtrå church, Tinn, Telemark 1163-1189
Stave church portal, Sauland church, Hjartdal, Telemark c. 1200

You know me – I love museums. Kulturhistorisk museum (in Oslo, Norway), is one of my absolute favorites, and I have visited it numerous times. Never have I ever met anyone as excited as I am at museums. I take TONS of pictures, get down on one knee and speak softly to the wood carvings as I photograph them. To me, this is the best form of meditative exercise there is. Every time I behold these carvings feels like the first. There is always a new detail to take notice of, no matter how many times I’ve seen them. I think this goes without saying, but I adore norse wood carvings and one day I hope to have a replica of one of these as my front door… sigh… THAT would be absolute bliss.

Would you like to see more photos from this museum? 

Sól, The Viking Queen.

14 thoughts on “Kulturhistorisk museum – Stave church portals

  1. Yes, please, more photos! The wood carvings are truly amazing. Your blog articles have convinced me to plan a trip to Oslo, Norway for 2018. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. And of course I would love to see more of these, you are very lucky to be able to visit these museums.

  3. I just found you and your blogs, pictures, and some stories. I can’t believe you were picked on when you were younger? ?? But people do not like ones that are different. All my life i was told just be yourself people will like you for who you are. Now thats a joke, people are afraid of things and people that are different, my last name is hispanic but on my mothers side is my Norwegian and Swedish which i am proud of i am in my 40’s and trying to learn Norwegian the towns where my family is from is around hordaland. I look forward to meeting like minded ones, who don’t find me odd and wish you the best would love to hear from you but i know you are a busy kvinne.
    Take care on your travlels

  4. Sol,
    Great blog on Viking culture and heritage! I remain astonished and amazed as an amateur historian in the fact that your Lief Erikson and his Viking folks were first to discover and explore North America when they set foot on land they named “Newfoundland” in 900 AD…almost 600 years before Christopher Columbus!! Truly, a tribute to the Vikings; your people!
    Congratulations also on completion of your studies and such a tribute to yourself and family. I continually look forward to your articles and your blog. Thank you!!
    Respectfully, John.

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