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My name is Sól Geirsdóttir, and I am a Viking Blogger from Norway. I am also a psychology student, needlewoman, and musician (Vocalist and songwriter in Vǫluspá).
Things I enjoy: Photography, sewing viking garb, reading, viking markets, riding, kveding (a traditional Norwegian singing technique), and forest strolling.

This is a blog about my fascination and admiration for the Viking Age and how it lives on in our modern world. In other words – a personal blog about Viking related things, places and happenings with a sparkle of creativity and current Era touch. I am not a reenactor, just a woman who is deeply in love with the Viking Era ❤

I was born under the North Star, way above the arctic circle.
Currently living near Oslo, Norway.

All photos and texts are my intellectual property and unauthorized use is prohibited.
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  1. Hello, I was just wondering where you are located, and if you had heard of the SCA. I’m very interested in your shift dress, and would like to make one myself, but I can’t ever get any of my Norse friends over for a sewing circle. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Good evening,

    I am quite stunned to see your pictures, and to read about your fascination for runes and skulls.
    Do I actually have a sister from my former times on this earth???? Well have you ever…
    I’m writing this reply between old viking things, goat ans sheep skins, wearing my old viking age replica bracelet and necklace like I often do.
    Collecting skulls is one thing but collecting them yourself as a woman, which means cleaning them(the filthy stuff as you surely know) is another thing… And it is one of the things I do.
    And there’s another thing, we could also be sisters because of the looks. Same type of face, hair, strange strange.
    Your pictures are magnificent. They reflect everything I stand for and all what fascinates me.
    I have the impression we would get along quite well…

    Invicta Helmsdottir, another nordic soul

  3. Absolutely lovely portraits and the props, costumes, makeup and overall attention to detail are excellent. I would like to see more of your work. It’s very good.

    • Thank you very much for your feedback! I always create my own style – every detail of it. I have done/will do some cosplay, but the photos on my blog represent my own personal style. Stay tuned for more to come;)

  4. Such a beauty. You should change your name to Viking Goddess. And to think I found this by accident, WOW. I have viking ancestry, and after seeing a divine beauty like you. I am infinitely more proud of my heritage. 🙂

  5. Heill frændur!

    I was actually leaving a comment to ask for some advice. I live in the US, and where I live there aren’t many if any viking related festivals nor medieval faires. If one was to be interested in these (Which I very much am, having played guitar and tagelharpe for many years, and blacksmithing/norse woodcrafts, throat singing in the vein of Skvalthr so on and so forth) I do not have any outlet to where I can show my true self. To be what I want to be, that is a true modern viking. Where I live it is unheard of and frankly not many here share these same interests, to be honest I haven’t found anyone with this same interest (where I am from.)
    So I am kind of stuck between not knowing of some of the things I do and know are correct (because I have to rely solely on the internet for information) I have done an ancestry search along with DNA testing and my family hails from eskifjorður iceland. So this want and feeling courses through my veins and I have this insatiable pull towards norse culture but no way to express it. As you could imagine this is very frustrating and depressing.
    Either way, what advice would you have to someone in my predicament. When I have no viking brothers and sisters to support me 😦

  6. I strongly suggest you look up your kingdom inn the Society for Create Anachronism (SCA), a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the re-enactment and recreation of the Middle Ages. http://www.sca.org While the SCA is not strictly Nordic, they have groups within the SCA that are. It is a great way to meet like-minded people in the US.

    • Hello, thanks for the reply. I actually did look that up last year. There is only one group here where I am from and they only have about 4 or 5 people and they are mostly into French culture and heraldry and stuff like that. Not to mention that they are 45 miles away from where I live and that’s the nearest SCA group around or believe you me I would definitely be willing to try it.

      I can respect the SCA but for me this is more of a personal heritage thing. I feel a strong connection to my ancestral roots, like a gap that needs to be filled. It’s not so much as I wish to learn how to fight with a sword and recreate the time period as it is to feel what it’s like to truly feel at home and not so out of place. My mindset and day to day worries/cares differ very much from those around me, it just doesn’t really fit in with the area I live in, and those who do show even the slightest bit of interest in it end up thinking I am wanting to LARP or something along those lines and that’s not it at all.

      It’s like here in the US when you go midwest and there are those fully operable old west villages where people choose to live like that day in and out because it’s their history, they feel a connection to it and really wouldn’t be happier anywhere else. It’s almost the same thing, I feel that feeling when it comes to norse culture.

      I think the closest thing that could bring me to what I am talking about would be to live somewhere like Ravensborg, or do nothing but stuff with jomsvikings day in and day out. Or travel to various market festivals accross scandinavia (If I had the cash to travel that is.) I already speak old norse, icelandic, conversational norwegian, and faroese.

      I read all the eddas and sagas and know the havamal.

      It’s mainly just I have mannerisms and personality traits that always seem to tie back to my ancestral culture somehow, and I didn’t know any of it until I started reading and I was able to figure out, oh this is why I do this, or this is why I do that.. the genetics passed down I guess I don’t know.

  7. Hi Viking Queen. First off, you’re such a pretty lady! I just wanted to ask, I recently started watching history channel’s Vikings and I love it so much. The music, the costumes, the scenery. Were these actual people in history? I know Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons are accounted for in history, but what about Ragnar himself? It seems a bit fictional and mythical. For example, he killed a bear to earn Lagertha’s love? Auslaug’s dad slayed dragons? Obviously, such parts of history could not have happened.
    Any info you could find would be appreciated.

  8. Hailsa to Another Ancient Soul from Old Norse Times,

    It is not just what you are on the outside but what your write that comes from with in that makes you all that you are. And your are Beautiful in both. Truly Freyja and Sif have blessed you. Please look for my email too.

    Oak Thorgeir Valgardsson

    • I realize I may have offended you with the ‘Viking show’ thing and please accept my apologizes if I did. I sincerely didn’t mean it to be mocking in anyway. Plus, on another subject I think your cat is adorable. I also used to walk my cat, Oreo (tuxedo cat) through my woods on a leash. Beautiful moments in tranquility with my best friend.

  9. I am blown away by the content, wish we had the same culture in Sweden. Where do you find all the markets and festivals? I really want to attend all of them!

    PS Please make more music, you guys are amazing and I can’t wait to hear you live sometime!

  10. So, I’m searching to find some authentic Viking dress for a party I am attending and The Internet brings me here. What a treat!

    I’ve had fun looking around the site and I like the fact that someone like you exists. Good work!

    And you make musictoo; let’s have a listen…

  11. By the grace of the gods I stumbled upon your blog and Ig profile this week. I love what you do, the way you think, your style. Your spirit, talent and beauty are the gods gift to Midgard – may the gods bless you even more Wild Shieldmaiden and Viking Queen!

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