Suddenly it’s fashion



As a child I spent hours dwelling in the forest, singing to myself and the trees. I have always felt different somehow. Ever since kindergarten I knew that my interests and mindset was different than others. I rember feeling so old…So alienated, and at times- alone🌑 When I grew up, it wasn’t cool to be different. It might have been the time – it might have been place – or it might have been the people. Maybe things would have been easier if I grew up in a bigger town, who knows. All I know is that the small town life can be harsh… I remember people pointing at me and laughing, talking behind my back or shouting at me simply because of the way I looked. What did I look like? I dressed pretty much like I do now – which was quite the contrast to what other youngsters dressed like back then. (We’re talking years back in time here.) People weren’t that open minded. And what do you know, Suddenly, it’s fashion! Suddenly, it’s more than okay to shop at second hand shops and to wear the weirdest creations you can possibly imagine. The things I used to get such a hard time for is suddenly haute couture, so to speak. The weirder, the better. Movies and TV series like Lord of the rings and Game of Thrones made it cool to be a fantasy geek and you know what? That’s great! As a grown up, people are approaching me and giving me compliments instead of laughing and pointing fingers. I will probably never get completely used to the acceptance because the child in me remembers what being different used to be like. Though it is odd, I am glad that people are more accepting of different styles.

I still feel old, but I never feel alone. I learned to appreciate silence and solitude, and through that I found my tribe. Why do I write this? Why would I share it? It is certainly not to portray myself as pitiful. I write this because I know I am not the only person to go through childhood and adolescence feeling like a complete freak. I write this because seeing so many young people striving so hard to fit in makes me feel sad.  If any of you feel lonely – remember that there is someone for everyone. It may not feel like it right now, but I promise you there is. And if someone is giving you a hard time for being you – remember this: IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S THEM. Stay strong and fierce – be yourself and don’t give any fucks about fashion or trying to fit in. You are better than that.  I am rooting for you! 

– Sól



When people wish bad upon you (A pep talk about haterz and loverz)

I agree- it is time for me to write something. It’s not that I didn’t want to… But you see, life got in the way. I’m rebuilding my strength, rising from the ashes, so to speak. Life is like this – some people are good for you, and some people are bad for you. No “Hocus Pocus” there, but the trick is to notice what people around you make you feel like. Do they bully you, or talk behind your back? Are your friends really true friends? There are so many vultures out there who just wait for you to fall. We all have those, allright…. This can be draining, feeling these bad vibes just “lurking in the dark”, watching your every step (in case you’ve ever had a stalker – like I’ve had)…Yes, you can kind of feel when others are wishing bad upon you. This is how I work: For every bad wish someone sends me, I recognize it and simply turn it. It might be some form of mindfulness going on there – I really don’t know.. All I am certain of is that I use that very energy in my advantage, to build my own strength. In other words; You haterz sitting there trying to pull me down with gossip and lies are only going to get a headache, while I’m here making a great life for myself. I’m simply strolling through all that hate – It’s like rowing through clouds.

That’s the beauty of it all, my dear friends and foes… You have to learn to turn the negativity into positivity. Use every day to make yourselves better, and surround yourselves with people who wish good upon you. Those are the people who will make you grow, those are the ones that will be there when everything goes straight to Hel. These people are what you can call true friends. I raise my glass to all of mine, to all the sweet blog readers, and to all the fighters out there who makes life better by “sending good vibes” even though life is hard for us all.

When people wish bad upon you – simply turn your energy away from them.  After all, it’s just a phony wish… Hehe, Ive always wondered why we can’t all be friends – or just leave each other be. Why do people want to surround themselves with negativity? Like a good friend of mine once said; “Fuck their judgy stares and shit.”

Oslo Middelalderfestival 2014
Throwback Thorsday. Photo by Nils Katla
Oslo Medieval Festival, “2014”

Speaking straight from this Heathen Heart of mine
Yours truly,

~The Viking Queen