Modern Day Viking (outfit) – part one of many to come!


Photos by: Stefan Roke (aka my partner in crime in Voluspá)

~ The fur : is vintage (and probably older than my earthly body)
~ I  found the dress on sale at a store which I cannot remember the name of
~ The belt is just a little random something I’ve had for years.
~ The shoes belongs to a dear friend of mine. You will get them back, honey…
…Any day now;)

I often get  asks about my everyday style, and I realized that this is something I had yet to post at my personal viking blog. Behold the pictures above, for they portray a good example.! Naturally, I wear viking garb on every occasion I see fit. Alas, there are times where viking attire can cause problems and discomfort, and those times require a little bit of that modern day “fashion”. Most of my clothes have been purchased at second hand stores, others are weird creations I’ve thrown together myself – you will see more of the latter in another post.

I rarely keep track of where I buy my everyday clothing. But I do try to incorporate viking elements into my “style” This is not something that I think too much about, it just sort of happens. 🙂 My best tip is to look for goods at vintage and second-hand stores. More posts and tips to come, this is just the beginning guys!

What is your everyday style like? 

~ The Viking Queen