Viking Boob Bling is everything

I am all about the Viking Boob Bling, so I made it a ‘hashtag thing’.
The more rows, the merrier. 
Would love to add more rows for that Pagan Peacocking Extraness.
I have quite a few different Viking Boob Bling rows, and this is my bead combination of choice at the time. Behold! Switching up the colour scheme and bead combinations to match my Viking Garb is something I enjoy doing while watching TV.  Man, I wish I could present a more magical background activity, and tell you that I ask the gods for creative help in a special ceremony while chanting forgotten songs before engaging in the bead threading process… but that is simply not the case. (Keep in mind that I might do those things – just not whilst threading beads). Every piece of jewelry and every bead that I have means something special to me – on a totally random note -This reminds me of a really cool lady I met this summer – who said that she talked to her beads as she crafted them, and that they all had different personalities. She said that she threw away the nasty behaving beads because she didn’t like bullies, and then she cackled like a madwoman. That lady was cool. I hope I meet her again. 

On a random note – I have been looking for a silver pair of turtle brooches for what seems like forever.. This might be a shot in the dark – but please contact me if a collaboration/promotion sounds interesting. Yes, I am shamelessly putting it out there.

Wishing all of you a glorious weekend. I’m off to spend the last bit of this month’s student loan on food. Haha, The struggle is real! Who can relate…

Sól, The Viking Queen


Blending in



Outfit of the day. Sometimes, I “dress down”, kind of like this. I like to keep the outfits pretty simple and go ‘normal me style’ with hair and jewelry. Come to think of it, I think I might blend in successfully with city concrete in this grey dress… (Note to self for later.)

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. I wish the weekend was longer. In the midst of decorating the apartment and it is hard to stop bc work and studies. Oh well, there will be another weekend soon. And we are close to one of my fav holidays – Samhain, that is. 

Dress: Gina Tricot
Jewelry: From different viking markets

– Sól


Dress to impress the forest



This is how I “normally” dress, you know my everyday style for being out and about in the city or for roaming the forest. I love earthy colours and my number one goal is to blend in with the environment – Preferably moss and mountains. Concrete walls and big city architecture is not exactly my thing, but in this modern day and age, one has to spend some time in that kind of environment as well.

Here is a super useful (*cough*) list of where I got these garments:

Most of these clothes have been bought at second hand shops (Uff of Norway) and are – as usually probably something that someone died in;)
Green gloves: from random shop in Camden Lock, London
Brown gloves: Handmade, bought at a viking market
Mossy shawl: from a tourist shop in Ireland
Bodice: Gekko of London

It feels…somewhat strange…to give a recipe on something as trivial as getting dressed. Like, I am not putting any effort into it at all (lol). While I find outfit posts kind of silly, I have gotten a lot of requests to do them, and will probably do many more of them in the weeks to come:) cuz hey! They are fun to do, after all.  

– Sól

Basic Outfit

Dress: Bik Bok
Belt and muffs: Claire’s
pelt: From a vintage shop in Nice, France

Ta daaaa – looking pretty basic today. Well -This is actually my second outfit of the day. Sometimes, I change clothes when I get home just to have a shift in energies. I wore something completely different to uni – something as rare as… trousers! I know, right? Strange and unusual (and quite revolutionary!) for someone who refused to wear that garment for over a decade. Come to think of it – I don’t think I’ve ever let myself get photographed in trousers… Maybe I ought to change that. Anyways, these outfit posts still feel a tad weird to me. But here ya go! hope you’re all having a good start to the week.

Sól Geirsdóttir

Outfit – Ancient Elegancy (Visiting the Oseberg ship)

Norway is cold. Fur and wool keeps me warm. 

A few weekends ago, I went to see the Oseberg ship and this was my outfit (Been there.. wayyy too many times. Maybe I should apply for a part time job there?) I brought my camera with me so prepare for a glorious photo storm. She is a beauty, that ship. Excited to share her with you once more in the coming days. I have noticed that many of my readers want more outfit posts. Why is beyond me- My outfit posts must be the most boring posts ever! You see, It’s not like I shop at specific places -and I’ve been digging through second hand stores since my early teens. Many of my clothes – (like this fur coat) are inherited. This coat used to belong to my grandma, who passed long ago. What I’m saying is that ; my everyday clothes aren’t fancy according to society’s standards – I don’t wear gucci, prada, mulberry etc etc… I wear old shit that someone probably died in. Therefore, it will sometimes be hard for me to name brands or stores. Buuuut if you’re okay with that(?) , I’m more than happy to post outfits anyway. Who knows, maybe I’ll even wear something nameable one day! That being said, I love clothes – and I adore alternative fashion. I guess you could think that I aim to look as if I could stroll straight into Game of Thrones. This, however, would be a subconscious choice and I can’t help looking like a evil villain living in an irish castle all by herself and her 1000 cats. That’s just my style.

– Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen.

Outfit – Yule dress “2016”

Dress: Pearsons Renissance Shoppe

My outfit this Yule. I chose an old, red Medieval-inspired dress for the celebration. Wearing it made me look back at when I bought that very dress, over eight years ago(!). I had saved up for months to be able to afford it. Once I opened the package I immediately put it on and I think I actually slept in it that night. This is in no way my dearest dress anymore – but it has sentimental value to me, and it felt good to put it on and honor my younger self… If that makes sense.  Come to think of it – I wore this for Yule a couple of years ago as well. A picture of it “went viral” and my father was really proud because he snapped that photo. Hehe. Random facts sharing time. 

Anyways – I meant to share this two weeks ago but my mac decided to go nuts during Jól.. Well, I just got my mac back from service and all is well in the Kingdom. Almost went mad waiting for it because let’s be honest – it is hard to get shit done (like blogging) without a computer. In any case – I am back again and I have so much to share with you 🙂

Sól Geirsdóttir