Basic Outfit

Dress: Bik Bok
Belt and muffs: Claire’s
pelt: From a vintage shop in Nice, France

Ta daaaa – looking pretty basic today. Well -This is actually my second outfit of the day. Sometimes, I change clothes when I get home just to have a shift in energies. I wore something completely different to uni – something as rare as… trousers! I know, right? Strange and unusual (and quite revolutionary!) for someone who refused to wear that garment for over a decade. Come to think of it – I don’t think I’ve ever let myself get photographed in trousers… Maybe I ought to change that. Anyways, these outfit posts still feel a tad weird to me. But here ya go! hope you’re all having a good start to the week.

Sól Geirsdóttir


Outfit – Ancient Elegancy (Visiting the Oseberg ship)

Norway is cold. Fur and wool keeps me warm. 

A few weekends ago, I went to see the Oseberg ship and this was my outfit (Been there.. wayyy too many times. Maybe I should apply for a part time job there?) I brought my camera with me so prepare for a glorious photo storm. She is a beauty, that ship. Excited to share her with you once more in the coming days. I have noticed that many of my readers want more outfit posts. Why is beyond me- My outfit posts must be the most boring posts ever! You see, It’s not like I shop at specific places -and I’ve been digging through second hand stores since my early teens. Many of my clothes – (like this fur coat) are inherited. This coat used to belong to my grandma, who passed long ago. What I’m saying is that ; my everyday clothes aren’t fancy according to society’s standards – I don’t wear gucci, prada, mulberry etc etc… I wear old shit that someone probably died in. Therefore, it will sometimes be hard for me to name brands or stores. Buuuut if you’re okay with that(?) , I’m more than happy to post outfits anyway. Who knows, maybe I’ll even wear something nameable one day! That being said, I love clothes – and I adore alternative fashion. I guess you could think that I aim to look as if I could stroll straight into Game of Thrones. This, however, would be a subconscious choice and I can’t help looking like a evil villain living in an irish castle all by herself and her 1000 cats. That’s just my style.

– Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen.

Outfit – Yule dress “2016”

Dress: Pearsons Renissance Shoppe

My outfit this Yule. I chose an old, red Medieval-inspired dress for the celebration. Wearing it made me look back at when I bought that very dress, over eight years ago(!). I had saved up for months to be able to afford it. Once I opened the package I immediately put it on and I think I actually slept in it that night. This is in no way my dearest dress anymore – but it has sentimental value to me, and it felt good to put it on and honor my younger self… If that makes sense.  Come to think of it – I wore this for Yule a couple of years ago as well. A picture of it “went viral” and my father was really proud because he snapped that photo. Hehe. Random facts sharing time. 

Anyways – I meant to share this two weeks ago but my mac decided to go nuts during Jól.. Well, I just got my mac back from service and all is well in the Kingdom. Almost went mad waiting for it because let’s be honest – it is hard to get shit done (like blogging) without a computer. In any case – I am back again and I have so much to share with you 🙂

Sól Geirsdóttir