Daydreaming about the upcoming market season


My friends and I are currently planning the upcoming season – carefully choosing which markets to attend. Naturally, I would love to experience them all- but that is simply not possible. Though plans are still in the making – we do know one thing for sure; This summer shall be a celebration worthy of the gods and goddesses! I am really looking forward to the Medieval- and Viking Market season this year…So much that I find myself daydreaming about it on a daily basis. The smell of bonfire, late night shenanigans and mead drinking is so close that I can almost taste it. Sigh.. We’ll just have to wait a little longer. It shall be worth it, I can promise you that.

Which market(s) are you going to?

– Sól, The Viking Queen

Oslo Medieval Festival (part two)

Actually, I prefer silver to bronze. I managed to fight the urge to pillage all these beauties. 
Will you just look at the size of this wooden spoon? I felt like an ant next to it. 
The bling… Oh, the glorious viking bling!
Lise and Jan Tore are two of my bestest friends. I love you guys more than I love mead.

Sometimes, I feel like I should have more fingers to blingify. Hehe.Maybe I should blingify my toes too? Unfortunately, I’ve never seen viking jewelry for that sort of thing. Pardon my random babble….but Isn’t that what a blog is for?
Day quickly turned into night, and we enjoyed our time together at a random bar in Oslo.
Jan Tore snapped this photo of us while enjoying a much needed beer. Markets make us all very thirsty, you see.

To all of you who frequently ask me where I am from: I AM FROM NORWAY! *waves from the mountains* My ancestors were from the north of Norway (Lofoten)  to be specific. I write this thing in english because it is easier to interact with the world that way, and I do like to interact.

I know I’m waaaay behind with my blogging  – but hang on, my reasons are good! I’ve been sewing so much weird (and hopefully soon to be pretty) things that I will wear in the near future. I shall flaunt them here as soon as I finish them! *wipes sweat and returns to the fabrics*

~ Sól, The Viking Queen

Oslo Medieval Festival (part one)

omf4omf5 omf7omf6omf1 omf2 omf3 omf8 ~Ville vikinger volder vakker viljestyrke~ (Frostylva, She and Tathariel) Photo by Jan Tore

Yes, the market season in Norway has begun! I shall post more pictures from the festival soon. There was so much beauty to behold! Oslo Medieval Festival was great fun! I spent the day with my dearest friends. Thank you to those who came to meet and greet us! You made this day memorable ❤

Did you go to the festival?

~The Viking Queen

~Gudvangr Viking Market 2013, part two~

The scenery was so divine that even our gods would behold it in silence.

This guy was so friendly. We ended up chatting for quite some time. I do enjoy talking to people at markets like these. Many came up to me and I really appreciated talking to every one of you who did. My heathen heart truly beats for you guys.

I found time to breathe here.

My outfit. Hand sewn, hand crafted, hand made. You get the picture.
Fabrics used: Linen, tablet weaving (Oseberg style)

I am in the process of modifying this to fit my body better. New pictures will be posted of it in the near future, for those of you who are interested in such.

These girls were adorable. They were playing with the ashes of a bonfire, and I told them that they were cute. They replied: “We know,” and that made them even cuter in my eyes. These girls had attitude and style.

Gudvangr is beautiful and very peaceful. Believe it or not – vikings do not fight all the time. We spend a lot of time on looting bling too.

I am so weak for skulls. I wanted to grab this particular one and run away screaming with joy. But  one cannot act that insane – or rude.
Mark my words, people of Midgard …I shall have one, one way or the other.

Here, I was waiting for mead from a friend. Sometimes, you have to get a little medicine to get through the day 😉 Dear readers, let me let you in on a little secret: Many vikings travel to and from these markets in cars. Without modern devices of such, meeting fellow old souls would be a wee bit harder for everyone. Of course, one can travel by ship or horse, but not everyone has this opportunity. The most important thing is to come together. This is exactly what drew me to the viking environment in the first place  – I saw it as an inclusive one.

Behold!!! More skulls.

Where there is weapons…

…You will find me.

Next year I shall return to pillage with pride.
Gudvangr better be ready for me yet again!

~Sól Spydsdóttir