The Viking Queen for RockLove Jewelry

I was recently contacted by Rock Love Jewelry (, who wanted me to do a shoot for them. I really enjoyed the task, one that resulted in 1400 photos…:-O No need to worry – Not all of them were used! 🙂 Here are a few of them
(Makeup, Hair and clothing by she)
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This picture has been selected to be on the upcoming RockLove Business card. She, wearing Valhalla Spiked Earrings and Valhalla necklace. “Rock Love Jewelry makes sterling silver jewelry for men and women, inspired by historic relics and treasures from around the world. Also featuring exclusive collaborations/merchandise with the History Channel, Vikings, True Blood, Clive Barker, the US Chess Federation, and more”

Well, what do you know – I appear on the website!
Ta daaaaaaa *insert wild hardanger fiddle music here*

This is from their website,
For Viking collection:

Ps – If you are going to New York Comic Con October 10-13 2013, you may see a poster of me wearing Rock Love’s beautiful jewelry at booth number 510. 

~Sól, The Viking Queen

Photoshoot for RockLove Jewelry (teaser pic and new header)

First and foremost – on behalf of myself and the rest of the band, I must say thank you all for all the nice feedback on my music! I am so excited to show you guys more.
It was heartwarming to read the comments, mails and shares ! Thank you!

The last few days, I have been working hard with a model job for RockLove Jewelry 😀
Here is a teaser picture from the shoot I did:
(Modeling, makeup and hair by she) 

More photos to come when Allison of RockLove has gone through them (:

By the northern way – What do you think about my new header? I felt so empowered and divine as I was roaming the norse forest that I simply had to grab my training sword during the shoot. It must have been the beautiful jewelry that granted me that energy. To think it came all the way from New York gave me all the inspiration I needed to flaunt it deep in the norwegian forest with both pride and humble admiration. It is very exciting to do modeling jobs of this sort.

~Sól Spydsdóttir, The Viking Queen.