Viking Jarl Boots


The Borre grave mounds was perfect for shooting some viking boots pictures

I’ve wanted the Viking Jarl Boots for years, and was thrilled that Rob wanted to do a collaboration with me! The boots are handmade in thick leather and I love the unisex vibe i get from them. Wearing these badass boots makes me feel empowered and ready to stroll wherever I see fit. They’re perfect in every setting I find myself in- of course with viking clothes, on stage, between concrete walls, and in my natural habitat – the forest

The boots are from an online Viking re-enactment store called The Viking Dragon – which has a wide selection of other viking and larp items:
You can get yours 

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I feel proud to present to you one of my favourite viking sites on the internet! *Tadaaaa*
I wish to recommend this site as it has a very comprehensive collection of Viking age reproductions. The Jelling Dragon has been up and running since 1997 and it is now one of the most popular Viking re-enactment websites in the world. This awesome business sells primarily to Viking and Early Medieval re-enactors ,and living history enthusiasts. Followers of the Old Norse Ways can also find their supplies here, and successfully breathe life into the ancient lifestyle, in this modern time and age.

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~More amazing things to behold at the website itself (!)

As you may well know, I have a LOT of bling in my hair, and these are among my personal fav beads!(OOooh sharing one of my personal style secrets)They can stay in for days if used on top of a rubber band on a well braided braid (both in hair and beard)

Bag of runes
The site even has its’ own section on Åsatru Pagan Supplies to help old souls with modern day revival of the Old Norse religion

Let’s show Thor some love by wearing the mighty Hammer! All chains and thorshammers are 100% solid 925 sterling silver. You can create your own necklaces, or puchase chains and hammers separately. A must have for all heathen souls .

Looking for drinking horns? Here you can find hand made ones from cleaned and polished cow horns. They are supplied unlined and are safe to drink from. You wouldn’t want to risk your life while devouring “the drink of the gods”, now would you? 😉

Drinking horn terminals can also be purchased here. If you are a man or woman of strong will, you can order custom made drinking horns. I am pleased to see that they even offer to stample runes (elder futhark!!!) into the rims. Ah, the glory! 😀

Viking shoes / Norman shoesI often get asks in my inbox about where to buy viking shoes. Well, it seems that this site has it all. To see more costume pieces, crafts and accessories, please visit;

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The last few days, a lot of things have been going on in my Viking Kingdom
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