GOTExhibit Oslo

Who is crazy enough to stand 4 hours in line, only to do it again the next day? She is. Dear readers – I went to see the exhibition not only once, but twice! Luckily, I was surrounded by my dearest of friends both times – people that I am eternally grateful to have in my life ❤ With the strength and energy we gave each other, any sign of discomfort magically vanished.

Once inside the exhibition, we got to feast our eyes on all the details of the wonderful costumes, sit on the Iron Throne, and experience how it is to stand on The Wall in 4D. It was excellent! Here are photos to prove my exsitence inside the Exhibitgot
got1 got3 Oh my gods, the details! got2
got4 got5got6
Bow before your queen!
This photo was taken by my dear friend Jan Tore

Have you seen the GOT Exhibition?

~The Viking Queen

The Oseberg Ship ~Museum of Cultural History

This mysterious rune inscription reads : “litet-vis maðr” ~ “mennesket vet lite”  
(The inscription is open to interpretation.)

The items from the Oseberg burial mound are glorious to behold. Experts on the field are working hard with the ongoing problem of conserving them. <

And yes, I was constantly drooling as I strolled through the museum. I must admit that It was hard to inhibit the urge to touch the Oseberg ship and feel all the old energies close at hand. xD But as the well-mannered viking queen that I am, I managed to behave.

~Sól Geirsdóttir

Museum visit part two

Here is part two of my glorious museum visit! Behold! 

museumdoorWith every viking item I passed, each cell in my earthly body screamed “pillage with pride!” The gods know that I wanted to.. But that my friends, would be an dishonorable act. Now, If you ever find yourself in Oslo – visit Kulturhistorisk Museum and behold all the glory there is to see!

Website of the museum:

~ Sól Geirsdóttir