The Viking Ship Museum (part 2)






Is is possible to be in love with an object? Or rather, in love with a with a ship? I believe I am. I’ve visited this museum countless times, to the point where it’ starting to get… awkward. You see, I’ve stood there in awe – glancing at The Oseberg ship in all its’ glory – my heart pounding heavily – my body trembling with admiration. And… It might just be me, but I think it is noticeable. At least by the guards (lol!) Like I’ve said before, guards “always” follow me around when I stroll through museums. The reason might be that I’m a big goofball with a huge smile. Not the average museum guest, but that one weirdo who is a bit too ‘happy go lucky’.
This photo was taken outside the museum. Yup… I am clearly in love with the ship. Heh. 

The Oseberg Ship 

“The Oseberg ship was built in western Norway around the year 820. It is made of oak. Each of the strakes overlaps the one below and they are fixed with iron nails. Each side of the ship consists of 12 strakes, or planks. Below the waterline, they are only 2-3 cm thick, which makes the ship’s side very flexible. The two upper strakes are a little thicker. The deck is made of loose pine planks. The mast is also of pine and was between 10 and 13 metres high.

In the year 834, two prosperous women died. The Oseberg ship was pulled ashore and used as a burial ship for the two ladies. A burial chamber was dug right behind the ship’s mast. Inside, the walls were decorated with fantastic woven tapestries and the dead women lay on a raised bed. The women had a number of burial gifts with them. There were personal items such as clothes, shoes and combs, ship’s equipment, kitchen equipment, farm equipment, three ornate sledges and a working sledge, a wagon, five carved animal heads, five beds and two tents. There were fifteen horses, six dogs and two small cows. Investigation of the skeletons showed that the older woman was about 70 to 80 when she died, probably of cancer. The other woman was younger, a little over 50. We do not know what she died of.

Both of them must have held a special position in the community to have been given a grave such as this; were they political or religious leaders? Who was the most prominent person in the grave? Was one a sacrifice, to accompany the other into the kingdom of the dead? Were they related? Where did they come from? The two women from the past remain a mystery, but continued research may tell us more.”

UIO, Museum of Cultural History,

Photos: Sól Geirsdóttir – The Viking Queen

Gjallarstadir Viking Market 2015

gjallarstadir9gjallarstadir8bjørn.jpggjallarstadir12 gjallarstadir15tvqGjallarstadir Viking Market was great fun thanks to fellow viking souls! I went there with  friends to loot some epic viking bling, linen thread, meat and honey. (I will show you this very loot in one of my next posts.) Though the market was a bit small, the viking spirit was on top. The people were friendly and chatty, and the beauty of the authentic viking craftsmanship was a pleasure to behold! I absolutely loved it and will definitely be returning next year. In other words, there was no need for beheading, nor any spilling of enemies’ blood…;)

By the way – this is my first post on my Mac Book Pro! It feels a bit strange, and there’s loads of new things to get used to but I’m very excited about it:)

Yours truly,
The Viking Queen

~Lofotr Viking Market, part two~

lofotr6 lofotr5Dried fish is the best snack in the whole world.
This is a protein bomb delicacy from the Northlofotr12
The best thing about Viking Markets is that you get to see so much beautiful craftsmanship. It is great fun to meet so many lovely and talented men and women who are willing to share some of their knowledge, and have a crafty viking chat.lofotr10 lofotr11lofotr8
Viking Tent. Simple, yet beautiful. lofotr13
Damask worthy of Queens lofotr2
Whenever it feels like you are alone in in this weird, modern world, Remember this:
True friends will remain true to you no matter what happens.

Veiztu, ef þú vin átt,
þann er þú vel trúir,
ok vill þú af hánum gótt geta,
geði skaltu við þann blanda
ok gjöfum skipta,
fara at finna oft.

~Hávamál, 44

~ The Viking Queen

Maihaugen, Lillehammer

I didn’t want to upload this particular photo as I do not care for churches. They mark the sad ending of the viking era, especially when covered in norse ornaments. 
Epic norse ornament on Garmo stave church (bah) Dated – 1200 CE (Common Era)
Maihaugen is an open air museum in Lillehammer, Norway with 200 old and new buildings. It is prettyful and you should go see it when the buildings are open for guided tours!

For more info, check it out here: 

~ The Viking Queen

Hazel Viking Bow

Behold my glorious Viking Bow! Custom made by Eirik Diserud
She. Practicing archery in the norse forests. Focus face on!
Let me let you in on a secret – I’ve learned how to make arrows!
With linen wrapped around it, and reindeer horn on the top and bottom.
Please notice the Sól rune. Easy to see that it is: MINE my OWN my PRECIOUS!

Do you practice archery? 

~ Sól Geirsdóttir / The Viking Queen

Tønsberg Medieval Festival, summer 2013

For Yule, I will wish for a weave like this one. I shall give it to my handmaidens so they can create the dress of my dreams. Hush, don’t tell them!

Yes, there were knights! (I love the look on this guy’s face! hahaha)
One of these… Bring forth one of these glorious drinking horns, and we shall feast!
I couldn’t resist the urge to try something that was really… meant for children. Dear sceptical man in the background; It doesn’t matter that the other contestants were like… 3 years old. BECAUSE I WON!!!
tonsberg13 tonsberg14 tonsberg3
Salt. So much salt! All the richess of the sea!
Beyla Design
tonsberg7 tonsberg6 tonsberg4
tonsberg10I had to pillage one of the Medieval Markeds as well. No matter time and place, I always pillage with pride!
My next blog post will be about the items that I looted on this Faire.

~Sól Spydsdóttir

The Viking Queen for RockLove Jewelry

I was recently contacted by Rock Love Jewelry (, who wanted me to do a shoot for them. I really enjoyed the task, one that resulted in 1400 photos…:-O No need to worry – Not all of them were used! 🙂 Here are a few of them
(Makeup, Hair and clothing by she)
blogg13 copy


This picture has been selected to be on the upcoming RockLove Business card. She, wearing Valhalla Spiked Earrings and Valhalla necklace. “Rock Love Jewelry makes sterling silver jewelry for men and women, inspired by historic relics and treasures from around the world. Also featuring exclusive collaborations/merchandise with the History Channel, Vikings, True Blood, Clive Barker, the US Chess Federation, and more”

Well, what do you know – I appear on the website!
Ta daaaaaaa *insert wild hardanger fiddle music here*

This is from their website,
For Viking collection:

Ps – If you are going to New York Comic Con October 10-13 2013, you may see a poster of me wearing Rock Love’s beautiful jewelry at booth number 510. 

~Sól, The Viking Queen

The last few days, a lot of things have been going on in my Viking Kingdom
(More on this matter to come in the next few days)
Now, I have my very own domain: which takes you directly to this blog.Image

I am curious, and your comments are always welcomed and highly appreciated.
People of Midgard ;
What do you wish to read about on my blog in the future?

~ Sól Geirsdóttir