When in nature, what do you feel?

ImageImageImageI love the smell of bonfires in my hair, the feeling of soil under my fingernails, the stinging sensation of the cold, northern air. Casting runes to the echo of crows brings calmness to my ancient soul. One can sail the seven seas, only to find that there is nothing like the mystical nature in Norway. The forest clears cloudy minds and heals the deepest of battle scars. Time is well spent when connecting with the old gods, and when exploring the depths of one’s ancient soul. Our culture and our heritage lives on in our heathen hearts, and only there can it be found and brought back to new life. Dare to feel the beating rhythm, dare to walk the path we used to follow.

When in nature, what do you feel?

~The Viking Queen

Vǫluspá in the Studio

A few weeks ago, I was in the studio with my band Vǫluspá to start the recording process of our new album! We are a folk band with viking influences from Norway

The EP can be bought here:  https://itunes.apple.com/no/album/voluspa-ep/id70

On itunes, spotify & youtube: Search for “Voluspa”

Our facebook PAGE https://www.facebook.com/VoluspaBand Image In case you wondered, this is what meets the eye when one takes a glance outside the windows of the studio. It’s perfect for the creative process and for lifting the heathen spirit. Studio work requires all my energy, but it is oh. so. worth it. Words cannot explain how happy I am when I am creating, recording and performing my music.  ImageAbove: Some of the items that I ALWAYS bring with me. Hush, it’s a secret… Image Gøran Hálfdanarson whilst recording. I was in awe. ImageThis is an awesome instrument. Behold the Tagelharpe! studiotid10Gøran plays “Tagelharpe” & “Lyre”
Stefan plays the bass, and does male backing vocals.
Did I mention that he is also the producer?
This is Markus. He plays the guitar with all his might!studiotid
She with epic instrument. The Lyre is a kind of harp. Beautiful and neat!
Sól writes the songs Sing (ofc backing vocals also) and play the jaw harp

On our facebook page, we recently got these questions, and I wish to answer them in this post:

I would like to know more about which instruments you use in your songs? – We use a variety of instruments, it all depends on the song, really. As you can probably hear, we mix traditional folk instruments with electric. So – everything from celtic flutes, guitars (both acoustic and electric) bass, piano, tagelharpe, lyre, fiddle, drums… etc.

In which order are things usually done… Like, do you start from lyrics or music? – I write the songs, and the lyrics. I really can’t tell you how I write music, it just “comes to me”. This creates a framework that we can build epic “landscapes” with. Usually, we sit down and jam for a while to figure out what feeling we want to evoke with the different songs.

Do you usually have a theme before you start or it appears after the melody is done? We do have a theme – most of the songs are about the Viking Age and the Old Norse religion. The details are decided in the process – mostly by Stefan and myself. Our minds are very alike when it comes to the creative process of it all. But yeah – we are very democratic, and all of us bring ideas to the project that none of us could have come up with by ourselves. We need each other to bring forth the special sound that we have created, and will continue to bulid on!

Which instrument do you guys normally record first and last? Usually, we start with piano and guide vocals. But other times, we all record at the same time. We normally record the flutes and the vocals last.

The EP can be bought here: https://itunes.apple.com/no/album/voluspa-ep/id70
or stream our music on spotify & youtube. Search for “Voluspa”

~The Viking Queen / Sól Geirsdóttir

The Oseberg Ship ~Museum of Cultural History

This mysterious rune inscription reads : “litet-vis maðr” ~ “mennesket vet lite”  
(The inscription is open to interpretation.)

The items from the Oseberg burial mound are glorious to behold. Experts on the field are working hard with the ongoing problem of conserving them. <

And yes, I was constantly drooling as I strolled through the museum. I must admit that It was hard to inhibit the urge to touch the Oseberg ship and feel all the old energies close at hand. xD But as the well-mannered viking queen that I am, I managed to behave.

~Sól Geirsdóttir

Museum visit part two

Here is part two of my glorious museum visit! Behold! 

museumdoorWith every viking item I passed, each cell in my earthly body screamed “pillage with pride!” The gods know that I wanted to.. But that my friends, would be an dishonorable act. Now, If you ever find yourself in Oslo – visit Kulturhistorisk Museum and behold all the glory there is to see!

Website of the museum:

~ Sól Geirsdóttir

Tønsberg Medieval Festival, summer 2013

For Yule, I will wish for a weave like this one. I shall give it to my handmaidens so they can create the dress of my dreams. Hush, don’t tell them!

Yes, there were knights! (I love the look on this guy’s face! hahaha)
One of these… Bring forth one of these glorious drinking horns, and we shall feast!
I couldn’t resist the urge to try something that was really… meant for children. Dear sceptical man in the background; It doesn’t matter that the other contestants were like… 3 years old. BECAUSE I WON!!!
tonsberg13 tonsberg14 tonsberg3
Salt. So much salt! All the richess of the sea!
Beyla Design
tonsberg7 tonsberg6 tonsberg4
tonsberg10I had to pillage one of the Medieval Markeds as well. No matter time and place, I always pillage with pride!
My next blog post will be about the items that I looted on this Faire.

~Sól Spydsdóttir

Loot, Gudvangr Viking Market 2013

ImageThis is some of my loot from this years Viking Market in Gudvangr. (Minus the bronze brooches – bought at Oslo medieval Faire summer 2012)
Bronze Bling for the tip of my drinking horn! By Viking KristallImage
Birka glass beads by Laura Smideberga (www.galleryehe.com)
More bronze bling from http://www.vikingkristall.com

Whenever and wherever I get percentages off, I always give cred in return.

~Sól Spydsdóttir