Medieval inspired photoshoot


Styling, makeup modeling– she
Photography: Kristian V

Decided to dress in medieval inspired gear, channel some shieldmaiden vibes and take quite a few photos the other day. It was cold as a Fimbulwinter outside, even though it doesn’t look that way, but it was good fun! Luckily, this location is literally right outside my parents house, so I could run inside afterwards- throw all the armor to the ground and enjoy a hot cuppa in front of the fireplace. I used to play in these woods as a kid, or rather – meditate in front of trees for hours. Yes – I was that boring, and of course a sworn tree hugger hippe spirit kind of kid. Bet you didn’t know that. Anyways – I love these items from my dusty wardrobe. Come to think of it – I could easily dress like this every day. The sword would make riding public transportation somewhat of a hassle due to weapon regulations, but hey – other than that, I doubt anyone in Oslo would bat an eye. That’s the beauty of living in a big city- no one cares, they’ve seen pretty much everything before.

BLablabla – I’ll post more pictures from this shoot very soon.

Sól Geirsdóttir

Outfit – Yule dress “2016”

Dress: Pearsons Renissance Shoppe

My outfit this Yule. I chose an old, red Medieval-inspired dress for the celebration. Wearing it made me look back at when I bought that very dress, over eight years ago(!). I had saved up for months to be able to afford it. Once I opened the package I immediately put it on and I think I actually slept in it that night. This is in no way my dearest dress anymore – but it has sentimental value to me, and it felt good to put it on and honor my younger self… If that makes sense.  Come to think of it – I wore this for Yule a couple of years ago as well. A picture of it “went viral” and my father was really proud because he snapped that photo. Hehe. Random facts sharing time. 

Anyways – I meant to share this two weeks ago but my mac decided to go nuts during Jól.. Well, I just got my mac back from service and all is well in the Kingdom. Almost went mad waiting for it because let’s be honest – it is hard to get shit done (like blogging) without a computer. In any case – I am back again and I have so much to share with you 🙂

Sól Geirsdóttir

Oslo Medieval Festival (part one)


I Found some snacks for you from previous years at Oslo Medieval Festival, and I hope you will stay tuned for more pictures the coming days. OMF is always good fun, and a great way to start the market season. This year – the festival will be held at Akershus Festning, 26th-28th of May. You can find info here

– Sól Geirsdóttir 

Oslo Medieval Festival (part two)

Actually, I prefer silver to bronze. I managed to fight the urge to pillage all these beauties. 
Will you just look at the size of this wooden spoon? I felt like an ant next to it. 
The bling… Oh, the glorious viking bling!
Lise and Jan Tore are two of my bestest friends. I love you guys more than I love mead.

Sometimes, I feel like I should have more fingers to blingify. Hehe.Maybe I should blingify my toes too? Unfortunately, I’ve never seen viking jewelry for that sort of thing. Pardon my random babble….but Isn’t that what a blog is for?
Day quickly turned into night, and we enjoyed our time together at a random bar in Oslo.
Jan Tore snapped this photo of us while enjoying a much needed beer. Markets make us all very thirsty, you see.

To all of you who frequently ask me where I am from: I AM FROM NORWAY! *waves from the mountains* My ancestors were from the north of Norway (Lofoten)  to be specific. I write this thing in english because it is easier to interact with the world that way, and I do like to interact.

I know I’m waaaay behind with my blogging  – but hang on, my reasons are good! I’ve been sewing so much weird (and hopefully soon to be pretty) things that I will wear in the near future. I shall flaunt them here as soon as I finish them! *wipes sweat and returns to the fabrics*

~ Sól, The Viking Queen

Oslo Medieval Festival (part one)

omf4omf5 omf7omf6omf1 omf2 omf3 omf8 ~Ville vikinger volder vakker viljestyrke~ (Frostylva, She and Tathariel) Photo by Jan Tore

Yes, the market season in Norway has begun! I shall post more pictures from the festival soon. There was so much beauty to behold! Oslo Medieval Festival was great fun! I spent the day with my dearest friends. Thank you to those who came to meet and greet us! You made this day memorable ❤

Did you go to the festival?

~The Viking Queen

Tønsberg Medieval Festival, summer 2013

For Yule, I will wish for a weave like this one. I shall give it to my handmaidens so they can create the dress of my dreams. Hush, don’t tell them!

Yes, there were knights! (I love the look on this guy’s face! hahaha)
One of these… Bring forth one of these glorious drinking horns, and we shall feast!
I couldn’t resist the urge to try something that was really… meant for children. Dear sceptical man in the background; It doesn’t matter that the other contestants were like… 3 years old. BECAUSE I WON!!!
tonsberg13 tonsberg14 tonsberg3
Salt. So much salt! All the richess of the sea!
Beyla Design
tonsberg7 tonsberg6 tonsberg4
tonsberg10I had to pillage one of the Medieval Markeds as well. No matter time and place, I always pillage with pride!
My next blog post will be about the items that I looted on this Faire.

~Sól Spydsdóttir