Galdratafur makeup, Ginfaxi


A little on the side of my usual content, but hey…! Those of you who follow me on instagram have probably seen this look already, felt like posting more pics of it nevertheless. I love experimenting with makeup, especially when incorporating ancient norse symbols and runes. It’s my thing. The icelandic magical staves, Galdrastafur, were my main source of inspiration for this specific look. Usually, these kind of ideas spring to mind when I am doing something extremely boring, or even when I am dreaming. To me, Putting on makeup is a hobby, a ritualistic act, and meditation -all at once-. On a higher level, it is my attempt at making everyday art that ties the ancient heritage with the Urban way of life. 

Sól, The Viking Queen


Winter Solstice


December 21st is the shortest day and longest night of this year here in the North. Winter solstice is a celebration of the turning of the sun that falls on the 20th, 21st, 22nd or the 23rd of December. This particular celebration goes way back; The pagan Scandinavian people celebrated a twelve-day “midwinter” (winter solstice) holiday called Yule (or rather – “Jól” in old norse or “Jul” in Norwegian). Winter solstice has a deep, personal meaning to me because it marks a spiritual energy increase with new hope for the future. Indeed, Winter Solstice is a “funeral” where I bury the darkness of the past, but it is also a celebration where I focus on the light of the future. Urd, Skuld and Verdande are significant to my celebration, and I do not base that particular part on any sources. Little does man know about the Viking Ways – so much of The Heathen traditions were lost in the awful Christianization of Norway.

However you celebrate this season, and whatever your religion or lifestyle might be; I wish you peace, blessings, hopes and visions this Winter Solstice night. 

Viking bear hugs,
Sól Geirsdóttir

Winter Viking (wee photoshoot)


Photos by my Viking Man, Kristian ❤

Greetings from the North! Yule is upon us and Tis the season to be preparing oneself for a traditional Heathen celebration – Mead, meat and honey, family and loved ones. Be good to each other, people of Midgard. You never know what people around you might be struggling with and the gods knows that it is cold enough here already.

Sól Geirsdóttir – The Viking Queen

When in nature, what do you feel?

ImageImageImageI love the smell of bonfires in my hair, the feeling of soil under my fingernails, the stinging sensation of the cold, northern air. Casting runes to the echo of crows brings calmness to my ancient soul. One can sail the seven seas, only to find that there is nothing like the mystical nature in Norway. The forest clears cloudy minds and heals the deepest of battle scars. Time is well spent when connecting with the old gods, and when exploring the depths of one’s ancient soul. Our culture and our heritage lives on in our heathen hearts, and only there can it be found and brought back to new life. Dare to feel the beating rhythm, dare to walk the path we used to follow.

When in nature, what do you feel?

~The Viking Queen