Kulturhistorisk museum, Oslo


Gazing at bronze, silver and gold that has been dug up and put on display tends to give rise to more questions than answers. I kind of like that. It might even be the main reason why I love the Viking Age so much; The beauty, the mystery, the unknown. Viking Art and craftsmanship litterally makes me stand and gasp in awe. Next time I visit I will remember to pay more attention to the information. I shall not be blinded by the shiny jewelry! Good fucking luck, future me.

Sól, The Viking Queen


Lom Stave church

lom5lom12lom1lom6lom11lom9lom10lom3“Lom stave church was originally build around 1160. In the 17th century an extension onto the west transepts, a sacristy and the large central tower with a high steeple surrounded by four smaller towers were added. In the Middle Ages, Lom stave church was the most important church between Nidaros (Trondheim) and Hamar. Like today Lom was a busy crossroad between east and west. The church is decorated with acanthus baroque wood carvings. During the excavations in 1973, a lot of interesting things were found; the largest collection of old coins ever found in Norway, and a love letter written in runic characters.” – a tourist sign at the site. 

During our Norway sightseeing vacation, we stopped in Lom, Norway to behold this stave church. I have very mixed feelings about stave churches. Indeed, they are beautiful and what interests me about them is the architecture, -or rather- the norse wood carvings. But…they remind me of a time where christianity was violently forced upon the vikings. I think that says more than enough about how I feel, and I’ll leave it at that. *Just so it’s said: believe what you will, be kind and respectful to others. We are all allowed to have faith in whatever we have faith in. Peace out!*

Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen


The glorious Viking Ship Museum (part two)


Tools for textile production


Two yarn winders for beechwood. The balls are balls of yarn;)


Tent Frames. These objects were too fragile to be mounted in the correct position


Tent plugs


Authentic viking shoes. Behoooold! 


Mystical rune inscription that possibly reads “unwise person”

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Chests, Boxes and Various Wooden Containers:

“The Oseberg grave was rich in chests, boxes and casks. The beautiful metal-bound buckets of yew-wood with gilded bronze fittings, were probably produced in England or Ireland. The Oseberg grave contained neither jewelry nor precious metals. Some of these items may have been deposited in this damaged chest and removed by the grave robbers who broke into the chamber.”

Text: The Viking Ship Museum, UiO
Photos: Sól Geirsdóttir

Sarpsborg Viking Market “2016”

The visit at Sarpsborg was a short one this year. It was just a day trip to breathe some viking vibes with my friends. In hindsight, I wish I had taken more pictures, but I will probably have a chance to do so the coming year. One can never take too many pictures. Never ever.
sarp1Preparing for a feast, the Viking Way. A couple of men occasionally appeared to turn the animal whilst humming to themselves.   sarp4I absolutely adore these mugs. They made me daydream of happy times surrounded by friends and loved ones, sitting in front of a bonfire deep in the norse woods. I imagined sharing stories and laughing for hours, singing and enjoying each others company. Ah, that would be grand. It saddens me to say that there is too little of the sort in my life these days. But I would love to change that.
gjallarstadir88Oddities like these have fascinated me ever since I was a weird, kinda lonely child. Crow claws are über cool and crows are my favourite birds. I am well aware of the fact that ravens “should be” my first choice- but I guess I have strange preferences. (Ps – these are ethically harvested. No birds were killed to collect their feet)
sarp5Okay back to my daydream about the bonfire. In that daydream, these would be filled with mead, and the mead would never end. Anything goes when you imagine it, therefore my mind tends to wander a lot. And wander it does when I am beholding glorious viking goods like these! I could sell myself the whole market with that imagination of mine.
borre2I’ll take the Hammer over the cross any day. Therefore I cropped it away, didn’t let it stay. 
sarp2Lamb meat and a viking lady being crafty in the background
sarpsarpI like to change my viking boob bling occasionally. The black beads are actually volcano rocks. Btw- those are my natural nails…Unfortunately, the ones on my right hand were shorter than those on my left. I love symmetry godsdamnit! My nails tend to break a lot due to heavy lifting at the gym. Oh well, totally worth it.  
gjallarstadir77Been thinking about buying a drum ever since last summer. Any day now… Any day.
gjallarstadir7777Viking kitchen awesomeness goods and epic wall decor, heathen statement style.BagjallargjallarBadass Wood carving on a throne
vikingsarpOutfit hand stitched by me – 100% wool & 100% linen. The tablet weave is Oseberg style, I wear it to Honor one of the queens that ruled before me *wink* 

Like I said in my last post, I am going through a lot of photos that I simply forgot about in order to finally share them with you guys. So – Stay tuned for more:) Hope you are all having a wonderful night.

Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen

Norsk Folkemuseum (part two)

nfm12“The Stave Church from Gol. Hallingdal, Buskerud, ca. 1200 (Rebuilt and reconstructed at Bygdøy). There are several runic inscriptions and carvings dated to the early Middle Ages in the church.” nfm18
Storehouse from Søndre Berdal. Loft from Nesland, Vinje in Telemark, 1759snfm13
Wood carving, Stave church
img_7590Fjording, Norwegian horse breed
Is it just me or is there a man in the tree?

Ah! I feel like going back there when I go through all my photos. The atmosphere was so peaceful and inspiring that I wish I could hide from security until it closes and spend the night hidden under a loft (hahaha!) No.. that would be silly, simply impossible! Or…would it? Who wants to join my unconventional slumberparty? Seriously though – if I were ever to go to jail for something, it would be a stupid thing like that – for being a way too enthusiastic tourist, so to speak . Yup – just my type of crime. Argh…You know I’m just kidding, I promise to behave. It’s just that I need to have more time here, to actually read the information and not just run against the clock like a madwoman. Oh well, I’ll be back as soon as I can. (I’ll make sure to bring a tent and an invisibility cloak. Hehe;)

Sól Geirsdóttir / The Viking Queen

Norsk Folkemuseum (Part One)

Setesdal Farmstead, (anno 1739) nfm8nfm10
I wore Viking Bling, vintage cross fox fur and a deep red lipstick. nfm6nfm7nfm2nfm4

Made a spontaneous decision to visit Norsk Folkemuseum last weekend (living in Oslo makes it easy to do stuff like this.) Besides, I’m not much of a party lion -getting cultural inspiration is much cooler than clubbing;)  If you have followed my blog for a while you’re probably well aware of my fascination for old buildings, especially wooden ones. I absolutely adore weird, crooked, wood-carved stuff- everything from roots to houses!  What better place to be for a creature like me than an outdoor museum? I mean, how epic is that? Norsk Folkemuseum is the largest museum of cultural history. it has 160 different buildings from rural and urban Norway – from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century. Of course – my favorites are the oldest stuff. Twirling in leaves amongst old lofts made me feel so alive, it was spiritual food for my ancient soul…Modern day time-travel is my kind of fun! Unfortunately, I had very little time when I visited so I literally RAN through it while I was shooting pictures like a maniac. Quite the workout, I must say.

Ever been to this glorious place? What’s your favourite part? 
Ps: Moar pictures to come in my next post.

– Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen

The Viking Ship Museum (part 1 of 2)

This is part one of the picture reel from my latest visit to this glorious museum. I hope you enjoy it!
“There were five rattles in the Oseberg grave. We are not sure what they were used for: perhaps as musical instruments, sleigh bells fitted on the brindle or cult objects to be used in religious rituals or processions.”
“One of the rattles found in the grave chamber would appear to be of this last variety. The rattle and hook were found fastened to the carved animal head-posts.”
Detail on the bucket found in the Oseberg mound (ca AD 800). You probably notice the Swastika. In the 1940s, it was misinterpreted by the nazis as a “proof” of white supremacy thoughts among vikings.  According to Kim Hjardar, (historian and writer of “Vikinger i Krig”) The vikings had no racial agenda for their pillaging.
Animal heads. There are loads of different theories about what they were used for. They might have had ritualistic significance.
Viking Bling 

“When the objects in the Oseberg mound were excavated, there were remnants of colours on some of them: Red, reddish brown, black, yellow and grey-white. The most colourful of all the burial gifts were the sledges.”
“In his diary, archeologist professor G. Gustafson who was in charge of the excavation in 1904 writes about his dilemma. Should the colors or the carvings be given priority? Alum conservation was the best and only method of preserving the shape and carvings of the artefacts. The problem was that alum conservation would also destroy the surface and therefore the colours. Gustafson sacrificed the colours to save the carvings.”

“What can be done to prevent the artefacts from the Oseberg mound from degrade? Research to conserve the Oseberg find proceeding on three main fronts:
– Elucidating the current condition of the physical and chemical composition of the wood on the artefacts
– Examining wether existing conservation methods can be adapted and used
– Developing completely new conservation methods

This is urgent! The researchers face difficult choices, and their decisions may have terminal consequences:

Should the researchers take action now? Halting the degradation before it goes too far? They are concerned that the existing methods may not be sufficient since there is a lack of knowledge of how current methods last over time. Or wether there are unforeseen problems with them. Should conservation wait until researchers have found better methods? This risks that the artefacts will disintegrate while awaiting new treatment. How long can they wait?”

To those of you who have the opportunity to go and se the Oseberg finds in person: please do so. There is a high probability that it won’t last long due to the degrading.

TEXT: from The Viking Ship Museum, University of Oslo, Norway.
Pictures: Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen. 

Sarpsborg Viking Market 2015 (part one)

Behold part one of my posts about Sarpsborg Viking Market!sarps2
Frøy, Odin and Torsarps4My good friend Kristin is holding this glorious wood carved Gere and Freke badness that I pillaged at the market. It makes my mead taste better simply because of its beauty<3

All year is viking season for me, but I really miss the Market Season… I’ts hard to decide on ONE favorite market as they all have their charm. I am happy to be wherever people are warm and welcoming. Borre Viking Market (four years ago) was magical to me. I spent quality time with my dearest sister in spirit, and we celebrated and feasted until we fell asleep on top of a viking grave(!). Yes, my friends – That’s how we party. Good energies and viking vibes is all that I ever ong for;)

Dear readers, what about you? Have you ever been to a Viking Market? 
And of all the markets you’ve been to, which market is your favourite and why?

Sól, The Viking Queen

Fun Viking Articles

Here are some viking themed articles that have caught my attention lately. Naturally, some have higher credibility than others, but it is always fun to read articles like these!(Please click on the various titles to read the articles) Do you know of any good articles about Vikings / The Viking Age?  Please share in the comment section below! viking_necklace1

“Dig supports theory Viking women were first to use bras”

“Did the vikings have tattoos?” this one is in Danish, beware of google translation errors)

“Viking runestone found on medieval scholar’s farmland”

Viking Necklace Discovered in Glencurran Cave

“Viking Teeth offer insight into cultural status”

Viking Age Sites in Northern EuropeLoads of good stuff to read in PDF!

“Slaves as burial gifts in Viking Age Norway? Evidence from stable isotope and ancient DNA analyses”

~The Viking Queen

The Oseberg Ship ~Museum of Cultural History

This mysterious rune inscription reads : “litet-vis maðr” ~ “mennesket vet lite”  
(The inscription is open to interpretation.)

The items from the Oseberg burial mound are glorious to behold. Experts on the field are working hard with the ongoing problem of conserving them. <

And yes, I was constantly drooling as I strolled through the museum. I must admit that It was hard to inhibit the urge to touch the Oseberg ship and feel all the old energies close at hand. xD But as the well-mannered viking queen that I am, I managed to behave.

~Sól Geirsdóttir