Viking Jarl Boots


The Borre grave mounds was perfect for shooting some viking boots pictures

I’ve wanted the Viking Jarl Boots for years, and was thrilled that Rob wanted to do a collaboration with me! The boots are handmade in thick leather and I love the unisex vibe i get from them. Wearing these badass boots makes me feel empowered and ready to stroll wherever I see fit. They’re perfect in every setting I find myself in- of course with viking clothes, on stage, between concrete walls, and in my natural habitat – the forest

The boots are from an online Viking re-enactment store called The Viking Dragon – which has a wide selection of other viking and larp items:
You can get yours 

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– The Viking Queen



Borrekaupangen, Sudden photoshoot in front of The Gilde Hall




This Majestic Viking Hall is a reconstruction of a great mead hall from the Viking Age. Imprints of such halls were found in 2007 by archeologists, which strengthened Borre’s position as a centre of power, even before the Viking Age. Archaeological theories, and even the epic of Beowulf has been taken into account in the reconstruction- simply because we do not know what these halls looked like. This excites me the most about the viking age- the mystery and the art. On the exterior, shingles have been carefully laid and tarred, and Beautiful wood carvings adorn the upper walls and the entrance.

This is a popular spot to shoot photos for modern day vikings. After pillaging the market, I had to pose like the queen I am;) The viking garb is something I made a few years ago, and I made it according to the Oseberg style, a long train apron dress in diamond twill. The underdress is not based on archeological evidence – as it has no arms…! I know, shocking…. *rolls eyes* According to some russian women and…men(!!) on instagram I might as well be naked simply because I am showing my shoulders. Bahahah! I know ,what the actual fuck? On another note, I doubt that vikings covered up that much. They worshipped fertility gods and goddesses for fucks sake. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that<3

For more info about the Gilde Hall, click HERE

What is do you love the most about the Viking Age?

Sól, The Viking Queen 


The Gildehall at Borrehaugene, Norway

This is pretty much what my dream (long)house looks like. If I was filthy rich, I would build a reconstruction like this one right away! These photos were taken a few years ago, under the construction of the Gildehall in Horten. I was there long before they opened the Hall for the public eye and managed to snap these photos. I think it looked pretty amazing this way, as I am quite the fan of wood – but I must say that the blackish paint it sports now looks badass like Hel. I am going to Midgardblot this year too, and that will be a good chance to take quite a few photos of what it looks like these days. Photographing at the site will probably happen before that, though. My my iron horse (*cough* mercedes benz) and I frequently pass the area on our way to visit my parents and I often make a stop at Borrehaugene to breathe some norse vibes.

so tell me;
Are you going to Midgardsblot this year?

Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen

Borre Viking Market “2016” (part two)

borre20This place – “Borrehaugene” or “Borre National Park” is peaceful and beautiful, and the meadowsweet is surrounding the viking burial mounds. If I were to describe what a Viking marked is like it would be something like this: A time travel full of vibrating energies, with the smell of bonfire smoke and the taste of salty meat. borre23I need to build myself a throne and I felt very inspired when I saw this one. (Will obviously not copy it – who the f* does stuff like that anyways?) borre21borre16borre8borre22borre17borre19Laura Šmideberga is such a sweet, talented lady. She is glowing and her beads are so pretty. borre26These beads are handmade by her. Love them all- especially the gold beads in the middleborre1borre24Casually chilling in front of a tent. Beholding Viking Bling blinds me and I need to sit down to collect myself whilst shopping ancient style. .

I believe that I have expressed my love for this Viking market before, but I am happy to do so again; Borre Viking Market in Horten, -Vestfold, Norway, is one of my favorite markets so far. This market is biannual, which means that the next Kaupang will be in “2018”.

(Websites connected to Borrehaugene:)
Midgard Historiske Senter
Borre Vikinglag

Still working out which markets to attend this summer.
Which one will you go to- What is your favorite market(s)?

– Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen

Borre Kaupangen 2014 CE (part three)

borrekaupang2borrekaupang13Carved skulls everywhere! My head was turning like I had gone completely bonkersborrekaupang7
These had some serious witchy vibes about them. 
borrekaupang15Uffe, I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but if you do :
Thank you for being such a sweetheart.
Statues, some of our gods
This whole outfit is hand sewn by me. 100% linen, and 100% herringbone wool.

Damask. Weapon porn.
What is chair, and what is dog?
Mad viking pose-maidens game on!
My lovely ladies Silje and Vigdís
Oh, if I could just take all of you home….
….I just want to put you up on my wall…
What caused his mysterious smile? It might have been that a norse muse whispered lyrics softly to his ears, or it might have been the ecco of a tone from ancient history.. Then again, he might just have been happy and content to be;)  (Or all of the above)
Mjødurt, Meadowsweet
borrekaupang1Tathariel’s glorious viking bling.
Yes, she has the bronze one, and I have the silver one. We’re so much like sisters you would almost not believe it. kaupang6Details, Saga Oseberg (reconstruction of the Oseberg Ship)

I promised to deliver a blog post today, and here it is. Borre Kaupangen was aesthetically beautiful as ever, and I was in awe of all the glory to behold. This viking marked is held every two years at the site of Borrehaugene where one can see many viking graves. It is wonderful, heartwarming and relaxing to take part in this market, and I strongly recommend it. There are so many good people there to bring forth laughter and smiles. I adore you all! This year, the camp rules were a bit strict due to some unfortunate events that happened last market (I do not know the nature of these events, and it is not in my place to speculate about it). Some of my friends and I were asked to leave the festival as we were not officially registered as party participants at the gilde. We felt a bit sad about being asked to leave, but this quickly turned as many friends clearly expressed that they wanted us there. So… regardless of strict rules, we just stayed and participated in the magical ceremony of the night. Einar Selvik from Wardruna performed Helvegen. on top of one of the viking graves (video by Espen WinPics underneath)

I must say thank you to all the lovely blog readers who came up to greet me. You truly make every market very special and you are all oh so dear to me. Thank you for reading, and thank you for all the warmth and kind words you grant me.

“Deyr fé,deyja frændr,deyr sjalfr it sama,ek veit einn,at aldrei deyr:dómr um dauðan hvern.” ~Hávamál, 77.

~Sól, The Viking Queen