Winter is here


Winter is here. It feels as if the snow buried my creativity, and I had to face it in order to restore balance from within. I figured the best way to clear one’s head is to spend time in nature, far away from other human beings. The snow almost swallowed me whole, I felt as if I was swimming in it. A real Fimbul Winter. I might have dug up my creativity as I snapped some photos, because I instantly felt more alive posing in the icy wind. It’s been a while, I whispered to the trees. Time to get back into my viking game… For real.

I hope you’d like to see more photos, because that’s what’s coming.

– Sól Geirsdóttir

Galdratafur makeup, Ginfaxi


A little on the side of my usual content, but hey…! Those of you who follow me on instagram have probably seen this look already, felt like posting more pics of it nevertheless. I love experimenting with makeup, especially when incorporating ancient norse symbols and runes. It’s my thing. The icelandic magical staves, Galdrastafur, were my main source of inspiration for this specific look. Usually, these kind of ideas spring to mind when I am doing something extremely boring, or even when I am dreaming. To me, Putting on makeup is a hobby, a ritualistic act, and meditation -all at once-. On a higher level, it is my attempt at making everyday art that ties the ancient heritage with the Urban way of life. 

Sól, The Viking Queen

Sigurðr Fáfnisbani (Kulturhistorisk Museum pt. 2)

The life of Sigurd Fåvnesbane is described in the Elder Edda, in the German Nibelungenlied, and in Volsungesaga. It is assumed that the story is spun together by different historical events from different times. Several motives from the Story were carved in wood on the Stave Church Portal of Hylestad Stave Church in Setesdal, Norway. The church is no more, but two remaining portal boards are preserved and exhibited in the Cultural History Museum of Norway (see photos). It is estimated that these portals were made around 1175.k25lalal kopik27
Ancient cartoons. Wood carvings that tells the story of Sigurðr Fáfnisbani

The Tale of Sigurd Fåvnesbane
According to the story, Sigurd’s father falls before he is born, and he is raised by the dwarf Regin. Sigurd is told that he will win fame and power by killing Fåvne, a terrible dragon that guards a great treasure. Being a smith, Regin forges a glorious sword for Sigurd to slay the dragon with. This sword breaks shortly after, but Sigurd finds his fathers sword, Gram.

Fåvne the Dragon
Together, Sigurd and Regin ride to slay the dragon. When they reach the dragon’s cave Regin suggests that they make a pit for Sigurd to hide in. He jumps in and Regin lays branches over the opening. Sigurd waits for hours for the dragon to return. As soon as it does, Sigurd attacks its soft stomach with Gram in both hands. The dragon dies, and Sigurd climbs out of the pit.

Regin’s betrayal and Sigurd’s revenge
Regin takes out the dragon’s heart to fry it. A few drops of dragon blood makes Sigurd able to understand what the birds in the trees are saying. They speak about how Regin plans to betray Sigurd, that he wants to kill him to have the treasure for himself. Sigurd sees in the eyes of Regin that it is true, seizes the sword and beheads the dwarf. As Regin draws his last breath, Sigurd goes into the cave to collect the treasure.

According to the Saga, this is how Sigurd earned the name “Fåvnesbane”.

Later, Sigurd learns that Regin’s brother, who was called Fåvne, had killed their common father to gain access to the wealth of the country. Due to its great greed of silver and gold,
Fåvne transformed into a giant dragon to better manage their treasures.

Sól, The Viking Queen

Kulturhistorisk museum – Stave church portals

Ål Stave church, Hallingdal, 1100
Stave church portal, Åtrå church, Tinn, Telemark 1163-1189
Stave church portal, Sauland church, Hjartdal, Telemark c. 1200

You know me – I love museums. Kulturhistorisk museum (in Oslo, Norway), is one of my absolute favorites, and I have visited it numerous times. Never have I ever met anyone as excited as I am at museums. I take TONS of pictures, get down on one knee and speak softly to the wood carvings as I photograph them. To me, this is the best form of meditative exercise there is. Every time I behold these carvings feels like the first. There is always a new detail to take notice of, no matter how many times I’ve seen them. I think this goes without saying, but I adore norse wood carvings and one day I hope to have a replica of one of these as my front door… sigh… THAT would be absolute bliss.

Would you like to see more photos from this museum? 

Sól, The Viking Queen.

Blending in



Outfit of the day. Sometimes, I “dress down”, kind of like this. I like to keep the outfits pretty simple and go ‘normal me style’ with hair and jewelry. Come to think of it, I think I might blend in successfully with city concrete in this grey dress… (Note to self for later.)

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. I wish the weekend was longer. In the midst of decorating the apartment and it is hard to stop bc work and studies. Oh well, there will be another weekend soon. And we are close to one of my fav holidays – Samhain, that is. 

Dress: Gina Tricot
Jewelry: From different viking markets

– Sól


Suddenly it’s fashion



As a child I spent hours dwelling in the forest, singing to myself and the trees. I have always felt different somehow. Ever since kindergarten I knew that my interests and mindset was different than others. I rember feeling so old…So alienated, and at times- alone🌑 When I grew up, it wasn’t cool to be different. It might have been the time – it might have been place – or it might have been the people. Maybe things would have been easier if I grew up in a bigger town, who knows. All I know is that the small town life can be harsh… I remember people pointing at me and laughing, talking behind my back or shouting at me simply because of the way I looked. What did I look like? I dressed pretty much like I do now – which was quite the contrast to what other youngsters dressed like back then. (We’re talking years back in time here.) People weren’t that open minded. And what do you know, Suddenly, it’s fashion! Suddenly, it’s more than okay to shop at second hand shops and to wear the weirdest creations you can possibly imagine. The things I used to get such a hard time for is suddenly haute couture, so to speak. The weirder, the better. Movies and TV series like Lord of the rings and Game of Thrones made it cool to be a fantasy geek and you know what? That’s great! As a grown up, people are approaching me and giving me compliments instead of laughing and pointing fingers. I will probably never get completely used to the acceptance because the child in me remembers what being different used to be like. Though it is odd, I am glad that people are more accepting of different styles.

I still feel old, but I never feel alone. I learned to appreciate silence and solitude, and through that I found my tribe. Why do I write this? Why would I share it? It is certainly not to portray myself as pitiful. I write this because I know I am not the only person to go through childhood and adolescence feeling like a complete freak. I write this because seeing so many young people striving so hard to fit in makes me feel sad.  If any of you feel lonely – remember that there is someone for everyone. It may not feel like it right now, but I promise you there is. And if someone is giving you a hard time for being you – remember this: IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S THEM. Stay strong and fierce – be yourself and don’t give any fucks about fashion or trying to fit in. You are better than that.  I am rooting for you! 

– Sól


Dress to impress the forest



This is how I “normally” dress, you know my everyday style for being out and about in the city or for roaming the forest. I love earthy colours and my number one goal is to blend in with the environment – Preferably moss and mountains. Concrete walls and big city architecture is not exactly my thing, but in this modern day and age, one has to spend some time in that kind of environment as well.

Here is a super useful (*cough*) list of where I got these garments:

Most of these clothes have been bought at second hand shops (Uff of Norway) and are – as usually probably something that someone died in;)
Green gloves: from random shop in Camden Lock, London
Brown gloves: Handmade, bought at a viking market
Mossy shawl: from a tourist shop in Ireland
Bodice: Gekko of London

It feels…somewhat strange…to give a recipe on something as trivial as getting dressed. Like, I am not putting any effort into it at all (lol). While I find outfit posts kind of silly, I have gotten a lot of requests to do them, and will probably do many more of them in the weeks to come:) cuz hey! They are fun to do, after all.  

– Sól