Sarpsborg Viking Market “2015” (forgotten pictures)

gjallarstadir15I love taking photos at viking markets. To me, it is all about capturing the moments-gjallarstadir10-it is all about inviting you into my world, to take you with me on a modern day time travelgjallarstadir8Through my blog, I am trying to show you why I feel so drawn to the viking Era
gjallarstadir13I want to show you my love for it by presenting its beautygjallarstadir4Words are not enough when your soul is screaming with longing for something that cannot be reduced to academic descriptionsgjallarstadir3In all honesty, pictures are not enough either – because if you live it,
you live it with all of your being; your Heathen Heart, body and soul.
gjallarstadir17I can only hope that some of my passion shines through

(With Ekota, a glorious somali cat that granted Frøya vibes to stroll like a true viking! (In case you have been living under a rock – the norse goddess Frøya was known for being a crazy cat lady – kinda like us – xD) Fun fact: Ekota is the grandfather of my blue somali Sága. I can tell that Ekota’s wonderful personality has rubbed off on her – he is one of the coolest cats ever.)

 Finally done with my exams and the annoying, creativity-vibe-destroying stress levels are going down (phew!)  This post is a little throwback to start the quest of sharing forgotten viking photography with you guys. There shall be loads of them the coming days!

– Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen

Askøy Viking Market 

I stopped by Askøy Viking Market as a part of my trip to Bergen a few weekends ago. It was a spontaneous appearance that resulted in a few more treasures that I had to stuff into my suitcase. The market itself is quite small, but very cozy and laid back. Viking Queen approved for sure;)

~Sól, The Viking Queen

Viking & medieval markets, 2016 (Norway)

 I’m so excited for this year’s market season! And I’ve already started making new and flashy viking garb!I’m not quite sure which ones I will attend yet, but I will annonce thar asap. Who knows, our paths may cross and I might get the chance to meet some of you lovely readers this summer ❤ 

April/ May
29.04-01.05 Sigdal Vikingmarked / Sigdal Viking Market
20-22.05 Vikingtinget på Tingvatn / Vikingting at Tingvatn
27-29.05 Oslo Middelalderfestival / Oslo Medieval Festival
28-29.05 Vikingmarked på Leikvin / Viking Market at Leikvin

03-05.06 Bjørgvin Marknad, Viking og Middelalderfestival / Bjørgvin Viking and Medieval Festival
03-05.06 Tønsberg Middelalderfestival / Tønsberg Medieval Festival
04-05.06 Sunnmøre Middelalderfestival / Sunnmøre Medieval Festival
09-12.06 Karmøy Viking Festival / Karmøy Viking Market
10-12.06 Hamar Middelalderfestival / Hamar Medieval Festival
10-12.06 Viking og Mellomalderdager på Lygra / Viking and Middle Age Days on Lygra
17-19.06 Hafrsfjordkaupangen / Hafrsfjord Viking Market
17-19.06 Store Nes Viking og Middelalder Marked / Store Nes Viking and Medieval Market
20-26.06 Trondheim Vikinglag: «På vikingers vis» / Trondheim Vikinglag: «The Viking way»

01-03.07 Borre Vikingmarked / Borre Viking Market
08-10.07 Bronseplassen Vikingmarked (Agder Vikinglag) / Bronseplassen Viking Market
15-17.07 Sarpsborg Vikingfestival / Sarpsborg Viking Festival Map
*19-24.07* Gudvangen Viking Market / Gudvangen Viking Market Map 24-31.07
Olsokdagene på Stiklestad / The Saint Olav Festival at Stiklestad.


03-07.08 Lofotr Vikingfestival / Lofotr Viking Festival11-14.08 Háleyg Vikingmarked (Boðvin Viking) / Háleyg Viking Market Coming!
12-14.08 Møystadssaga vikingtreff / Møystadssaga Viking Meeting Coming!
18-21.08 Midgardsblot metalfestival / Midgardsblot Metal Festival (includes a viking market area)
?  Yddir Vikingmarked (Hemnes) / Yddir Viking Market
26-28.08 Askøy Vikinglag Marknad / Askøy Viking Market
27-28.08 Hove Vikingmarked (Agder Vikinglag) / Hove Viking Market
27-28.08 Bergenhusdagene / Bergenhus Medieval Days


03-04.09 Gjallarstadir Vikingmarked Lillestrøm / Gjallarstadir Viking Market
09-11.09 Tønsberg Vikingfestival / Tønsberg Viking Festival

 Please let me know if there are changes to the dates, info is missing, etc:) *Edit : The source I originally linked too seem to have stolen the work of Valkyrja(!) Thanks for notifying me about it. Not okay to snatch someone else work, guys!
Here’s her –> blog <— !  She’s worked hard on a complete list of dates, even for markets in other scandinavian countries. 

Sól Geirsdóttir

Sarpsborg Viking Market 2015 (part one)

Behold part one of my posts about Sarpsborg Viking Market!sarps2
Frøy, Odin and Torsarps4My good friend Kristin is holding this glorious wood carved Gere and Freke badness that I pillaged at the market. It makes my mead taste better simply because of its beauty<3

All year is viking season for me, but I really miss the Market Season… I’ts hard to decide on ONE favorite market as they all have their charm. I am happy to be wherever people are warm and welcoming. Borre Viking Market (four years ago) was magical to me. I spent quality time with my dearest sister in spirit, and we celebrated and feasted until we fell asleep on top of a viking grave(!). Yes, my friends – That’s how we party. Good energies and viking vibes is all that I ever ong for;)

Dear readers, what about you? Have you ever been to a Viking Market? 
And of all the markets you’ve been to, which market is your favourite and why?

Sól, The Viking Queen

Gjallarstadir Viking Market 2015

gjallarstadir9gjallarstadir8bjørn.jpggjallarstadir12 gjallarstadir15tvqGjallarstadir Viking Market was great fun thanks to fellow viking souls! I went there with  friends to loot some epic viking bling, linen thread, meat and honey. (I will show you this very loot in one of my next posts.) Though the market was a bit small, the viking spirit was on top. The people were friendly and chatty, and the beauty of the authentic viking craftsmanship was a pleasure to behold! I absolutely loved it and will definitely be returning next year. In other words, there was no need for beheading, nor any spilling of enemies’ blood…;)

By the way – this is my first post on my Mac Book Pro! It feels a bit strange, and there’s loads of new things to get used to but I’m very excited about it:)

Yours truly,
The Viking Queen

~Lofotr Viking Market, part two~

lofotr6 lofotr5Dried fish is the best snack in the whole world.
This is a protein bomb delicacy from the Northlofotr12
The best thing about Viking Markets is that you get to see so much beautiful craftsmanship. It is great fun to meet so many lovely and talented men and women who are willing to share some of their knowledge, and have a crafty viking chat.lofotr10 lofotr11lofotr8
Viking Tent. Simple, yet beautiful. lofotr13
Damask worthy of Queens lofotr2
Whenever it feels like you are alone in in this weird, modern world, Remember this:
True friends will remain true to you no matter what happens.

Veiztu, ef þú vin átt,
þann er þú vel trúir,
ok vill þú af hánum gótt geta,
geði skaltu við þann blanda
ok gjöfum skipta,
fara at finna oft.

~Hávamál, 44

~ The Viking Queen

Borre Kaupangen 2014 CE (part three)

borrekaupang2borrekaupang13Carved skulls everywhere! My head was turning like I had gone completely bonkersborrekaupang7
These had some serious witchy vibes about them. 
borrekaupang15Uffe, I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but if you do :
Thank you for being such a sweetheart.
Statues, some of our gods
This whole outfit is hand sewn by me. 100% linen, and 100% herringbone wool.

Damask. Weapon porn.
What is chair, and what is dog?
Mad viking pose-maidens game on!
My lovely ladies Silje and Vigdís
Oh, if I could just take all of you home….
….I just want to put you up on my wall…
What caused his mysterious smile? It might have been that a norse muse whispered lyrics softly to his ears, or it might have been the ecco of a tone from ancient history.. Then again, he might just have been happy and content to be;)  (Or all of the above)
Mjødurt, Meadowsweet
borrekaupang1Tathariel’s glorious viking bling.
Yes, she has the bronze one, and I have the silver one. We’re so much like sisters you would almost not believe it. kaupang6Details, Saga Oseberg (reconstruction of the Oseberg Ship)

I promised to deliver a blog post today, and here it is. Borre Kaupangen was aesthetically beautiful as ever, and I was in awe of all the glory to behold. This viking marked is held every two years at the site of Borrehaugene where one can see many viking graves. It is wonderful, heartwarming and relaxing to take part in this market, and I strongly recommend it. There are so many good people there to bring forth laughter and smiles. I adore you all! This year, the camp rules were a bit strict due to some unfortunate events that happened last market (I do not know the nature of these events, and it is not in my place to speculate about it). Some of my friends and I were asked to leave the festival as we were not officially registered as party participants at the gilde. We felt a bit sad about being asked to leave, but this quickly turned as many friends clearly expressed that they wanted us there. So… regardless of strict rules, we just stayed and participated in the magical ceremony of the night. Einar Selvik from Wardruna performed Helvegen. on top of one of the viking graves (video by Espen WinPics underneath)

I must say thank you to all the lovely blog readers who came up to greet me. You truly make every market very special and you are all oh so dear to me. Thank you for reading, and thank you for all the warmth and kind words you grant me.

“Deyr fé,deyja frændr,deyr sjalfr it sama,ek veit einn,at aldrei deyr:dómr um dauðan hvern.” ~Hávamál, 77.

~Sól, The Viking Queen