Borrekaupangen, Sudden photoshoot in front of The Gilde Hall




This Majestic Viking Hall is a reconstruction of a great mead hall from the Viking Age. Imprints of such halls were found in 2007 by archeologists, which strengthened Borre’s position as a centre of power, even before the Viking Age. Archaeological theories, and even the epic of Beowulf has been taken into account in the reconstruction- simply because we do not know what these halls looked like. This excites me the most about the viking age- the mystery and the art. On the exterior, shingles have been carefully laid and tarred, and Beautiful wood carvings adorn the upper walls and the entrance.

This is a popular spot to shoot photos for modern day vikings. After pillaging the market, I had to pose like the queen I am;) The viking garb is something I made a few years ago, and I made it according to the Oseberg style, a long train apron dress in diamond twill. The underdress is not based on archeological evidence – as it has no arms…! I know, shocking…. *rolls eyes* According to some russian women and…men(!!) on instagram I might as well be naked simply because I am showing my shoulders. Bahahah! I know ,what the actual fuck? On another note, I doubt that vikings covered up that much. They worshipped fertility gods and goddesses for fucks sake. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that<3

For more info about the Gilde Hall, click HERE

What is do you love the most about the Viking Age?

Sól, The Viking Queen 


13 thoughts on “Borrekaupangen, Sudden photoshoot in front of The Gilde Hall

  1. I’m SO glad to see that it’s possible to wear an apron dress without a long sleeved underdress! I want to dress authentic for the craft fairs in which I participate, but I live in an extremely hot climate. If the Viking Queen can do it, so can I! Thanks for your inspiration!

    • THIS, so very much this!! I, too, am really excited about the idea of short sleeves, no matter what some folk may say. I do all of these faires and festivals in the southern US – which is so HOT! This made my day.

  2. Thank-you for uploading the photos of the Hall,I love the architecture sculpturing and the form of the carving. You look great with the your home made dress. As a thought, I was reading up on the information of the hall that it is open to ideas. Why not have a carved boar wrapped in snakes urnes style on the interior of the hall on the wood wall. . Also horses and cats as a suggestion in the same style wrapped in snakes.

  3. Yes, because some people were actually there you know, and they know what it was like and how people dressed. And they have been told that one can only keep true viking spirit alive if one act and dresses and eath the exact same way as 900 years ago. Except they don’t.

    My 5 year old daughter will come tomorrow to Høvåg Vikingmarked with me, and closest to viking garb is her bunad and she was very relieved not to have to to wear the blouse underneath. I will show her your pictures tomorrow. Und uff it was hot today, respect for still being able to wear that dress!

    • I’ve always found it kind of funny that we strive to look like corpses. (Hehe…Most viking outfits are based on grave findings, and I am pretty sure they had other, more comfortable and practical clothing items than those they were buried in).

      Vikings are encouraged to dress as authentically as possible, but as visitors you can wear anything to a viking market:)

    • It did seem to be a much more cohesive society, men and women of equal importance no matter what job they were fulfilling. The family/village unit helped each other out, supported and defended each other. I don’t feel that support nor purpose in modern day. I long for it, the ditching of cell phones for some time to talk and share stories around the cook fire. An honest hard days work actually building something…. I digress

  4. I have always been interested in history so always imagined myself as a warrior from the dark Ages, a Saxon/ viking, it wasn’t until I got into the gods/goddesses when I was about 21 so read about Odin, Thor, Loki etc plus working in a tattoo shop and getting covered in Viking knotwork, ships etc it wasn’t until later I found I should have been worshipping Woden Thunor etc same Gods but different names, plus I love all the weaponry and clothing there is so much that children are not educated about to do with Vikings they think they had horned helmets and ate vicars ha.

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