The idea of a perfect summer


sommer2sommer3sommerPhotos: Emilie Vikene

Here in the north, the winters are dark and brutal. Therefore, summer is cherished and celebrated by Norwegians. I am currently trying to plan my vacation to make the most of the time I have (in between work and thesis writing). The last week of July, I am going to distant shores to explore a new country, and I am really excited about that! However, this will probably not be the idea of a perfect summer…

Why? Simply because…I will not be attending as many viking markets as I would have liked to, and to be honest -that makes me quite sad. For a modern viking, these markets are the closest thing to an authentic viking experience in organized form. Like re-living some valued memory of the past with fellow enthusiasts. Sigh.. I will make it to Borre viking market – a day trip at least. And…There is still some sort of hope for Gudvangen as I still cling to the idea of it, refusing to let it go. Wanna know something? At one point I actually considered asking random people on IG to join me in order to lower the expenses . Luckily, one of my friends talked me out of the idea, reminding me that I would have to sleep with pepperspray under my pillow in that kind of stranger danger scenario. Haha, I wouldn’t actually have gone through with this experiment – but I think it paints a picture of how bad I would like to go. Lack of money – and lack of people to join me makes this challenging. Oh well. It’s times like these I wish blogging actually made me some cash, but in the niche world of underground blogging, it doesn’t work like that..

However, I will make this summer glorious. You can take the girl out of a viking market, but you can never take the viking spirit out of the girl. No matter where I go or what I do, it is always in some sort of Nordic spirit. Inside or outside a viking camp, it really doesn’t matter. To Hel with it- I’ll just hand stitch some new viking garb that I can strut around with in the forest. That, a bottle of mead, people I love and who love me back, is my idea of a perfect summer.

What are your plans for the vacations?

Sól, The Viking Queen


5 thoughts on “The idea of a perfect summer

  1. Summer is typically very hot in South Florida. Mostly we stay indoors…lol.
    Glad you have some good plans to make the most of your summer!

    – Lisa

  2. I am enjoying the garden in our new house. All those fresh herbs are wonderful! There are also new groups to explore and I am re-learning bobbin lace, knitting with a group (nalbinding is on my list) and doing embroidery. I recently purchased some flax to spin on my drop spindle – maybe I can make my own cloth! (that might have to wait until next summer) I love to hear your stories – keep sharing with us other old souls!!

  3. Enjoying the mid-night sun by working long days. Getting the chickens, ducks and geese sorted out so they can winter better this year. I have several cords of firewood to cut and stack. Gardens to tend, fruit trees to plant, there are many things to do in the short summer of northern Canada.
    It’s not all work however, we enjoy the warm evenings cooking over wood coals and a horn of last seasons mead. The fall will bring the hunts; always something to look forward to.

    Always great to see you post, wish it was a bit more often.

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