Kulturhistorisk museum, Oslo


Gazing at bronze, silver and gold that has been dug up and put on display tends to give rise to more questions than answers. I kind of like that. It might even be the main reason why I love the Viking Age so much; The beauty, the mystery, the unknown. Viking Art and craftsmanship litterally makes me stand and gasp in awe. Next time I visit I will remember to pay more attention to the information. I shall not be blinded by the shiny jewelry! Good fucking luck, future me.

Sól, The Viking Queen


19 thoughts on “Kulturhistorisk museum, Oslo

  1. It looks fantastic it must make you proud to see your history in such a way unlike all this modern rubbish, oops better not go into one i apologise. History is such a valuable thing to have nowadays and its good that Europe has such a wide and varied history before christianity came and tried to destroy the true beliefs of our culture, haele Gary.

    • Well, I am in awe of all this great art and I do love history and culture. However, I have to point out that the viking age was a time where Norway was very much influenced by other cultures. So in a way, we were very much modernized back then too.

      What do you mean by «the true beliefs of our culture»?

  2. Not so dark and backward as I was taught as a child back in the 70’s and 80’s. I also love some of the recent Saxon finds here in England. The levels of craftsmanship is outstanding.

  3. Beautiful pics! Incredible pieces… I often gaze in amazement at works like that. Always floored by how talented and skilled our ancestors were. Helps me keep life in perspective 😉 keep up the amazing work, always love to see what u post next 😉

  4. Amazing craftsmanship! I will definitely visit the Kulturhistorisk museum if I go visit Norway which is on the list of things I want to do before I die, Being partly of Norman ancestry, Viking history is part of my heritage as well. I love your apron dresses and your posts. I am a history lover myself but I can’t sew to save my life. By what Gary said about the “true beliefs of our culture:“ I think he means paganism, Vikings traveled and traded a lot during the Viking Age and established trading posts and settlements so I do agree with you that Viking Age Norway was influenced by other cultures

    Tusen takk for sharing

      • You’re welcome and thank you 🙂 I have tried brunost and do like it but I prefer Jarlsberg. I would like to try lutefisk. I do know how to make very good gravlaks, I even won the 2013 cooking competition at the Midgard festival

  5. Beautiful exhibit, thank you for sharing.
    Such strength and mystery in our Viking History. I enjoy taking glimpses thru imaginative travel – to have lived in a time of complete concentration of intuitive wisdom, as survival speaks w/o talking. A richness in blended culture is not modernization. Hands on crafts-wo/manship in the order of being -held the expressions of spirits. Alchemy. Magical constellations !!! Life is a beautful journey., we are each adorned w starlight.

    Nicole Dawn Apperley

  6. Sorry about the e-mail.last time it was a bit short and did not tell you a lot about me I apologise. I am Saxon by birth but always been interested in the dark ages,into heavy metal and had long hair until I had my head tattooed on both sides and back in viking work plus both arms shins calves bit on my thighs, kneecaps, stomach, chest, ribs, throat, back and lip, worked in a tattoo shop unofficially, will send a few pics and tell you more plus I am Wodenist , who got into it through the vikings.

  7. Sol,
    Very impressive article about your makeup preparations; so beautiful in fact that my Estonian girl friend dabbles in the same and appears so much the Viking maiden you have described so eloquently these many years. She is truly beautiful in both the spiritual and the physical.
    Peace to you my Viking sister,
    Sincerely, John

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