Suddenly it’s fashion



As a child I spent hours dwelling in the forest, singing to myself and the trees. I have always felt different somehow. Ever since kindergarten I knew that my interests and mindset was different than others. I rember feeling so old…So alienated, and at times- alone🌑 When I grew up, it wasn’t cool to be different. It might have been the time – it might have been place – or it might have been the people. Maybe things would have been easier if I grew up in a bigger town, who knows. All I know is that the small town life can be harsh… I remember people pointing at me and laughing, talking behind my back or shouting at me simply because of the way I looked. What did I look like? I dressed pretty much like I do now – which was quite the contrast to what other youngsters dressed like back then. (We’re talking years back in time here.) People weren’t that open minded. And what do you know, Suddenly, it’s fashion! Suddenly, it’s more than okay to shop at second hand shops and to wear the weirdest creations you can possibly imagine. The things I used to get such a hard time for is suddenly haute couture, so to speak. The weirder, the better. Movies and TV series like Lord of the rings and Game of Thrones made it cool to be a fantasy geek and you know what? That’s great! As a grown up, people are approaching me and giving me compliments instead of laughing and pointing fingers. I will probably never get completely used to the acceptance because the child in me remembers what being different used to be like. Though it is odd, I am glad that people are more accepting of different styles.

I still feel old, but I never feel alone. I learned to appreciate silence and solitude, and through that I found my tribe. Why do I write this? Why would I share it? It is certainly not to portray myself as pitiful. I write this because I know I am not the only person to go through childhood and adolescence feeling like a complete freak. I write this because seeing so many young people striving so hard to fit in makes me feel sad.  If any of you feel lonely – remember that there is someone for everyone. It may not feel like it right now, but I promise you there is. And if someone is giving you a hard time for being you – remember this: IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S THEM. Stay strong and fierce – be yourself and don’t give any fucks about fashion or trying to fit in. You are better than that.  I am rooting for you! 

– Sól


12 thoughts on “Suddenly it’s fashion

  1. Takk for at du deler desse vakre og viktige orda, som eg trur vil bety mykje for mange. Ei av gledene ved å bli eldre er at ein både har enklare for å søkje likesinna vesen og enklare for å tørre å vere seg sjølv fult ut, sjølv om barnet som var henger ved og ein kanskje alltid vil føle seg annleis. La oss “raringar” halde saman og gjere verda til ein betre stad på grunn av det ❤

    Apropo ting som ikkje er A4: Har du høyr om "Wave Gotik Treffen"? Vi skal ta turen dit for første gang til våren!

  2. Oh gods, I almost cried while i was reading. Perhaps, for the first time in my life I felt like I am not alone. My childhood was terribly similar to yours. Well, there are some differences. I grew up in the capital and (I think) few years later than you. People are more accepting, but not as much as I would like to. I am not able to find friends I could call same-minded. You give me hope every single day that there are creatures like us. And as you wrote – there is someone for everyone, I hope there is someone for me. Thank you 💚

  3. I was at New York Comic Con when you added this… and my attention was pulled in a thousand directions, I was anxious before speaking on a panel, and our credit card terminal was being glitchy. But I saw this post and knew that it must be saved to read and reflect upon when the show was done. That your words were wise and well written. You are not just an inspiration for being beautiful and talented (with amazing photos and magical hair)… you are also a guiding light for those of us with old souls. You share so much of yourself online and in this blog… and we are all grateful.

  4. OMG! I’m so glad to have found your blog. I can relate to some of your struggles for being different although it’s kind of a different case for me. This is just what I need right now. I’m feeling a bit fed up here ‘çause some people would look down on me for not being like them. It’s kind of sad and at the same time frustrating. 😦

  5. I think you are fantastic. I am proud that you have embraced your differences and blossomed with them. When I was young, I spent every second I could barefoot and outside. The grass sung to me. The trees were my support. I cant say if it was how different I was specifically or that my family was not great and that isolated us as a whole. Either way, much like you, I have always felt well beyond these earthly yrs and my soul craves a depth to like the general masses dont seem to know nor care much about. Anyway, thank you for writing your blog. Your aim to inspire has met it target. ♡♡

  6. Yes! I grew up feeling a bit awkward and shy around others- I liked to dress differently because I like to be different from everyone else. Thank you for sharing your story…I am really enjoying your blog!

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