Dress to impress the forest



This is how I “normally” dress, you know my everyday style for being out and about in the city or for roaming the forest. I love earthy colours and my number one goal is to blend in with the environment – Preferably moss and mountains. Concrete walls and big city architecture is not exactly my thing, but in this modern day and age, one has to spend some time in that kind of environment as well.

Here is a super useful (*cough*) list of where I got these garments:

Most of these clothes have been bought at second hand shops (Uff of Norway) and are – as usually probably something that someone died in;)
Green gloves: from random shop in Camden Lock, London
Brown gloves: Handmade, bought at a viking market
Mossy shawl: from a tourist shop in Ireland
Bodice: Gekko of London

It feels…somewhat strange…to give a recipe on something as trivial as getting dressed. Like, I am not putting any effort into it at all (lol). While I find outfit posts kind of silly, I have gotten a lot of requests to do them, and will probably do many more of them in the weeks to come:) cuz hey! They are fun to do, after all.  

– Sól

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