Viking decor – cups and a mug

krusBehold my favorite mug! It is perfect for drinking ale or freshly pressed juice. I purchased it at a Viking Market last summer, underneath it says “Zawistowscy DYWITY” I believe that’s the name of the maker? oseberg12Ps: Is it just me or does this mug look like it was inspired by this Oseberg cart? (…At least I think of this carving when I drink from my mug. Cheers!)krus3I love these cups, and I use them for my daily fix of tea. Bough them at a viking market last summer – and this year I really hope to meet the seller again. krus5The lady who made the cups is from Denmark, and sadly that’s all I know. She didn’t have a business card or anything, but I sure hope to see her again. If anyone reading this knows who she is – please let me know. krus4On another note, I am in the process of moving to my very own apartment and I cannot wait to decorate the new home. Right now, everything is being packed up in boxes and the current place is a huge mess. Cannot wait to unpack and fill my new place with good viking vibes. *whispers* It will be a perfect place to make youtube videos. I know some of you are waiting eagerly for that to happen! Hehe..

Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen

14 thoughts on “Viking decor – cups and a mug

  1. Lovely collection, I especially like shapes of smaller ones. And yes, it’s a maker mark on the first one – surname (plural, singular will be Zawistowski/Zawistowska) and village name, it’s in northwest Poland 🙂

  2. LOvE the cups.. ceramic is weakness of mine. BUT, ceramic with viking art!! Not something you’d find here in southern California.. ever. Would love to also know whom it’s maker is. ❤

      • Thank you! They are my favorite as well. Long story short I had one that would watch me from Kindergarten to High School. She sat on a rock above my house and I could only see her when I crossed the highway and got on the bus to when I got off the bus and crossed the highway again. The moment I got on the side where I lived she vanished. I think of her as my guardian. 😀

  3. Viking Queen, Thank you for sharing what are small every-day items; but they are often some of the most important items in somebody’s life.

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