Everyday shamanism

This month has been incredibly busy, and I feel as though I have put up a pretty strong mental shield to keep my energy levels high enough to work through it. Being conscious of  one’s health can be quite the challenge at times, especially since we live in a world where there is constant movement – a crash of energies all times. Everything has to happen at such a high speed, and I am pretty sure that this is not something we are meant to be doing. Stress is the root to all evil (my personal opinion). Also – Stress is cited as a common contributing factor of many mental and physical health issues. Taking time to slow down – moving at your own pace is very important. Remember to do that. It took me many years to really take time to do this. This year has been a year where I had to – I have worked really hard with energies, – how to stabilize spiritual, physical and mental health. It is all connected. Through working with both ancient medicine, and school medicine – I have found my formula, and battled something that had to be tackled. (Last year was a hard one). What I am trying to say with all these words is simply; Take care of yourself. You have one body -and  your soul is stuck in it (at least for a while). Love yourself and feel that you are deserving of the attention you give yourself. Also; To work with shamanism is to control your own self – your own energies should be balanced when entering energy work. As with everything in life, it is that easy and that difficult. You need to know what you are doing. 

This is my second post that is (only) tapping into energy work, norse shamanism. To some of you, this might seem strange (which is totally okay). To me, it is completely natural and a conscious part of my life. To those of you who are interested; What would you like to know more about within this field?

Sincerely, Sól  / The Viking Queen


18 thoughts on “Everyday shamanism

  1. This is very interesting to me, as I have been working with Earth energies for many years. I am interested in hearing your day-to-day practices and how you use the energies in a ritualized form. Thanks for taking the time to talk about your experiences.

  2. Shamanism is something I’ve become very interested in in the past year. I’m especially interested in soul retrieval and how it might help me overcome fears and anxieties that I feel are the result of abuse in my childhood and have dominated my life and held me back from many things. I tend to be someone who is easily overwhelmed by stress. My job can be very stressful, and though it pays the bills, it is definitely not where I belong. Even time outside of work, there’s so many things battling for my attention that time feels so fleeting, before I know it I’m back at work another 40 hours. How do you pull yourself away from so many competing signals to take the time for spiritual work? I also live in town, so unfortunately going for a peaceful walk in nature equals to a very short stroll in the backyard with the not so peaceful sounds of the neighborhood.

    • What would I like to know? Everything. I was taught from young age by grandmother. Thought I was alone for long time. The internet has corrected that. I am not. I want to hear everything from everyone on the topic. Did others get sent out to the woods to sit out overnight as an older child? Were others taught to project their voice? Etc etc etc.

      • mrswunami: Ah, that sounds lovely! My grandmother died before I ever had a chance to meet her. Funny you should mention that – the internet taught me the same! Haha. You know what – I want to hear from others too. You can never learn too much.

        Not sure that I understand what you mean- do you mean throughout history of shamanism? Like – Which year and which country are you asking about? (I am guessing Norway – but I have to be sure in order to give a proper answer).

      • Definitely Norway. My family is norwegian, swedish, scottish, and german…i am in the US. I was taught how to project my voice. I do not know the correct term for it. I recognize when others can do it. Put all of their intent and power behind their voice in a way not all can. Einar Selvik is actually a good example of this.

      • It takes one to know one;) I think I catch your drift – there are many terms for it, one of them is “galdr”. Would love to write a post on that when the time is right

    • Ninelivescraftstudio: Hm… Soul retrievals? Do you mean like – regression to past lives? I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you, and that it has held you back. No one deserves to experience things like those. I wish I could say something that would make things better for you – and if I could, I would give you a big hug (if you wanted to- of course). As for your question – there is no simple answer to how I pull myself away from the stress of competing signals. I’ve failed at the task many times, absorbing all the negative energies instead of pushing them away. I have spent a lot of time healing in the past year – and I find that to have been the most helpful thing of all. It made energy work so much easier. Anyways: Sometimes, I turn off my phone and all the lights for hours, and just.. meditate. I guess I am very lucky in the sense that I live close to a deep, old forest. I myself also live in the city – and there is noise and cars and people all around me, most of the time. To escape – I make time for it. This is impossible to to every day – but I do it as often as I can:)

      • Thank you! Your very sweet, hugs from Oregon. This year for me is all about healing and reconnecting with my inner child, fine tuning my spiritual path, and not being afraid to be openly pagan (people can pretty hateful towards pagans I’ve learned). Going to get some head phones, find some good drumming music, and start with 10 minutes a day atleast to meditate, relieve stress, and practice astral projection. Also planning lots of hiking trips for the warmer weather ahead to reconnect with nature. Thank you for all your wonderful blogs, your a huge inspiration.

  3. I would like to read about your sources for your practice: which books do you use? Is norse shamanism in somehow connected with druidism as we know it from Western parts of France (Bretagne especially): any link between these shamanisms?
    Greetings from France!

  4. What are some “whatever you do, for the love of all that is good, don’t XYZ” in Norse shamanism?

    Like in my tradition there are certain practices you don’t do alone because there is a chance you could accidentally kill yourself and the other person is there to make sure you don’t do that.

  5. Teach me your ways to attain balance within myself. School me in the methods of moving at my own pace to balance my energies. Also, I’d really like to know more about the finer points of Nordic shamanism.

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