Outfit – Ancient Elegancy (Visiting the Oseberg ship)

Norway is cold. Fur and wool keeps me warm. 

A few weekends ago, I went to see the Oseberg ship and this was my outfit (Been there.. wayyy too many times. Maybe I should apply for a part time job there?) I brought my camera with me so prepare for a glorious photo storm. She is a beauty, that ship. Excited to share her with you once more in the coming days. I have noticed that many of my readers want more outfit posts. Why is beyond me- My outfit posts must be the most boring posts ever! You see, It’s not like I shop at specific places -and I’ve been digging through second hand stores since my early teens. Many of my clothes – (like this fur coat) are inherited. This coat used to belong to my grandma, who passed long ago. What I’m saying is that ; my everyday clothes aren’t fancy according to society’s standards – I don’t wear gucci, prada, mulberry etc etc… I wear old shit that someone probably died in. Therefore, it will sometimes be hard for me to name brands or stores. Buuuut if you’re okay with that(?) , I’m more than happy to post outfits anyway. Who knows, maybe I’ll even wear something nameable one day! That being said, I love clothes – and I adore alternative fashion. I guess you could think that I aim to look as if I could stroll straight into Game of Thrones. This, however, would be a subconscious choice and I can’t help looking like a evil villain living in an irish castle all by herself and her 1000 cats. That’s just my style.

– Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen.

9 thoughts on “Outfit – Ancient Elegancy (Visiting the Oseberg ship)

  1. “I wear old shit someone probably died in.” This is exactly why the kind of people who follow your work and your adventures want to see your clothes. We share your appreciation for antique and archaic beauty. We love the creative ways in which you wear such pieces.

    You wear that fur magnificently, by the way.

  2. I absolutely love your style and am extremely excited to see outfit posts! I would also really like to know how you do your hair on a regular basis. Do you make several tiny braids and leave them in? Is there something golden and shiny woven into your braids?

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful sense of fashion with us!

  3. I completely agree with Ciré on this and also there are tons of “fancy outfit” bloggers if that is what you like but not so many that can take a bunch of different pieces and make it their own regardless of the origin of the item. The (super) interesting part about your style is that you manage to take ordinary items/second hand/vintage and make something unique and inspiring.

    You don’t have to name any brands or stores, just what the different pieces are and how they work together – that is the truly interesting part! I dress nothing like you but I find my clothing the exact same way and I find it so exiting to see all the possibilities and variations from the same “method” so to speak. Plus I just love your style!

  4. I love your style and its such an inspiration to see your outfit posts. I wish i could dress like that but i have no imagination when it comes to clothes xD

  5. For it’s not about the brand, it’s the inspiration it provides 🙂 It’s not always easy to incorporate Viking or Medieval inspired clothing into every day clothes, and yet you do it so wonderfully that it helps give me ideas. (Your blog is lovely by the way and I wish you all the best!)

  6. Hej. Älskar din hemsida! Du skriver så mycket bra. Saknar bara en sak… kan du inte vara snäll och skriva om hår och frisyrer också, kanske hur man gör eller andra tips? Vänliga hälsningar Emelie

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