The forest called to me, and I answered. December. Leaves, smoke, soil and candlelight. I felt grounded, I felt at one with the elements. And I took the time to breathe- Breathe with intention. 

Seiðr is ancient norse shamanism, connected to The Old Norse religion. Seiðr is a spiritual practice, a craft that involves ritualistic energy workings. True mastering of the craft is only acquired through experience and wisdom. Books can only take you so far. You have to get your hands dirty- and only you can do this; This kind of work comes from within.

Old Age, not New Age seidrseidr3seidr2seidr4seidr5img_0353Ritual makeup.
(I posted this on instagram in december and it became the most popular pic of “2016”.  I remember thinking that people would think I looked ugly when I posted it -but none of that matters to me anyways – so I thought why not. I have seen some recreations of this “look” already which feels …weird, but fun!)

I will be doing more looks like this one this year. Honestly – I can’t help it… I HAVE to.

– Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen


7 thoughts on “Seiðr

  1. Beauty should be shared for all know it it when they see it !!!!! Whether a silvery moon lighting the lake forest or a willowy birch being illuminated from this light or the Daughter of winter glowing from the moons light . All should be seen by those who sleep through the nite . We all hope that it is viewed without jealousy or hate

  2. I am very happy that you and others keep the ancient Norse culture alive. I maybe going to Sweden this summer and perhaps Danmark and England with family. I would love to see Norse/Viking heritage sights. Rollo, the Norman Viking king is one of my ancestors as well as William the Conqueror the first Norman King of England. Just saying this is an ancient feeling of myself to return to where some of my DNA come from. I live in California. Take care.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Djupt inspirerande att se hur de gamla traditionerna består inom oss trots historiens gång. Jag har själv valt att vandra völvans väg och finner styrka i att se att man inte är ensam.


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