Sarpsborg Viking Market “2015” (forgotten pictures)

gjallarstadir15I love taking photos at viking markets. To me, it is all about capturing the moments-gjallarstadir10-it is all about inviting you into my world, to take you with me on a modern day time travelgjallarstadir8Through my blog, I am trying to show you why I feel so drawn to the viking Era
gjallarstadir13I want to show you my love for it by presenting its beautygjallarstadir4Words are not enough when your soul is screaming with longing for something that cannot be reduced to academic descriptionsgjallarstadir3In all honesty, pictures are not enough either – because if you live it,
you live it with all of your being; your Heathen Heart, body and soul.
gjallarstadir17I can only hope that some of my passion shines through

(With Ekota, a glorious somali cat that granted Frøya vibes to stroll like a true viking! (In case you have been living under a rock – the norse goddess Frøya was known for being a crazy cat lady – kinda like us – xD) Fun fact: Ekota is the grandfather of my blue somali Sága. I can tell that Ekota’s wonderful personality has rubbed off on her – he is one of the coolest cats ever.)

 Finally done with my exams and the annoying, creativity-vibe-destroying stress levels are going down (phew!)  This post is a little throwback to start the quest of sharing forgotten viking photography with you guys. There shall be loads of them the coming days!

– Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen

20 thoughts on “Sarpsborg Viking Market “2015” (forgotten pictures)

      • HURRAY!!!
        Say, my husband is publishing his first ever book. It goes on sale as an Ebook @ Amazon Dec. 14th. I hope to have it on Barnes & Nobel, and a few others. It is titled “A Duel Adventure ~ Book One, By Edward Gold. It is an Adventure. If you can spread the word, I would appreciate it! Thanks again for all your wonderful contributions!

  1. I hate to say, but I just may be living vicariously through you as I follow your adventures!! Someday I’ll get back across the pond and back to my Nordic roots, but until then… 😉 May there be many more adventures awaiting you!

  2. I have some questions for you. Around how much Norwegian would someone have to speak to be able to enjoy a Viking Market? Are some easier for people who don’t speak Norwegian than others?

    The reason I ask is that I’m looking at places for myself and my girlfriend to go next year for vacation and I’m thinking of suggesting Norway as a destination with Oslo(which is a lovely city, I went there briefly in 2010 when the whole volcano thing happened) as the jumping off point, then a Viking Market, then most likely some getting out in nature.

    • None- most norwegians speak english. But it would be a nice gesture from your side to learn some words. Most viking markets are run by norwegians. Good luck and safe travels! (Not sure I follow with the vulcano-thing)

      • Fair. Once it’s decided I’ll add Norwegian to Duolingo(a really neat language learning program).

        Re; the volcano thing of 2010(April, to be precise).

        That was when Eyjafjallajökull erupted in Iceland and shut down air travel for most of northern Europe for awhile.

        My original plan had been to go to Reykjavik for a couple of days, head to Amsterdam, then head to a festival in Belgium.

        Instead I was stuck in Reykjavik, then got a plane from there to Oslo(I have no idea how they justified flying when most of Europe was a no fly zone but there you go) and from Oslo took a train through all of the Nordic countries(except Finland), Germany(where I had a nasty situation with a neo Nazi, but that’s a story for another time), and finally to Amsterdam.

        It wasn’t the first trip to Europe that I planned, but it was an adventure and because of it I have a love of the Nordic countries that lead me directly to this very blog.

        And I noted so long ago that I should visit Oslo again when I’m not trying to figure out how to get to Amsterdam, which is what lead to this very exchange.

      • Re; re; vulcano incident -With you now. Didn’t fly much at the time 😛 Safe travels and have fun planning it! May you never encounter a neo nazi again. Nasty, misinformed creatures they are. And thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

  3. Great photographs as always and your passion is clearly evident, it makes me want to travel to Norway just for the Viking markets they look incredible, thanks for sharing and giving an insight into this fabulous world!

  4. I love these little peeks into your viking adventures! I am missing market season myself these days and really happy to be able to “relive it” through these forgotten pictures. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Gods!!! Every post of you are an incredibly journey to the best places!!!
    Wish we could be something like this here in the other side of ocean, Brazil… But… Is almost impossible… Even in “Viking” events… Hope maybe one day… Who knows…
    But Sól, gods! Amazing photos!!! I confess… I’m a bit jealous! Hehe.
    By the way… Hope u don’t mind if I question you something here, different of the topic of this post: About Yule…
    Heathens here are kinda confused at some part… Cause most part of people around us will be enjoying their Christmas while us try to enjoy our yule paying tribute to our gods… But here as hot as muspleheim!!!! Really it is! And yule are a winter event…
    A big part of heathens here prefer to celebrates midsommar but… Beyond summer heat… Is Yule! Even without cold or snow.
    In your opinion, even in our summer Yule are the right option, or just midsommar? Or both?
    Sorry for bother you with is… But question someone who really celebrates heathen events like you, in my opinion, are the best way to clear this confused times. Hehe
    Thanks! And brilliant post! Congratulations! Best regards from.Brazil! Hail!!

    • Asking you!*** Asking someone*** Sorry! Im here talking in portuguese with my wife… Watching a Spanish tb show and writing you in English! 😪 I ended up mixing the languages and making mistakes in my writing! I apologize!!!

  6. Beautiful photos. One day, indeed, I will travel to Norway and partake in a Viking market! Question: Do some people there speak English? The only languages I know how to speak are English, Filipino (my mother tongue), and a limited amount of French.

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