Strange and unusual things that have happened lately

Here are some strange and unusual things that have happened lately…It’s crazy what people notice! (I would never have found out about these things unless you guys made me aware of them!)

Number one: A drawing of me at the MARQ (archeological museum of Alicante): 

My jaw dropped when I got a message about this. (Well- Actually, I got several messages about it.) Honestly, I dunno what to think other than that I ought to sail my ship down there and enter that very building all geared up in this very outfit:
Who knows… maybe they will give me a free tour and a cerveza. Lol. Oooooor maybe they will try to preserve me and make me a part of their exhibition?. Yeah…. I might need to reconsider that trip xD

Number two:  A sudden appearance at the hairinspo wall of History Vikings:

 am kind of hard to spot, but if you behold the middle of that wall of people – you will see me.
I got tagged in some comments, and got LOADS of DMs on IG, and PMs on Facebook.
Weird, huh?

In case your memory needs refreshing; Here’s my Viking Queen hairdo that I created for the shoot I did for Rock Love Jewelry a couple of years ago. The funny thing is that this was a shoot for her History Vikings based jewelry collection. On another note – I’ve gotten some comments and emails from people who say they have difficulty recreating this look. Maybe I should do a tutorial on it? It will have to be in the future since I am currently drowning in heavy exam vibes. Don’t know of this is interesting or not but hey – let me know.

To my readers and IG followers: Thank you for notifying me about strange and unusual things!

– Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen


6 thoughts on “Strange and unusual things that have happened lately

  1. Me myself work in a museum and I would never ever use an image without a permission. You should contact them. Not for money or so, but they should know. I am totally convinced they know about copyright stuff. a museum works with images every day. they should give you and ALL of your friends a free guided tour! 😉

  2. Hello sol , I’ve been looking around at different viking sites and every once in awhile your face pops up should I let you know ?

    • Hi Volünd! I guess it depends on what where and how, if you catch my drift. Sharing my photos is okay ofc, with credit and without removing my watermark. However- My photos are not for commercial use or for promoting any “political” views.

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