Norsk Folkemuseum (Part One)

Setesdal Farmstead, (anno 1739) nfm8nfm10
I wore Viking Bling, vintage cross fox fur and a deep red lipstick. nfm6nfm7nfm2nfm4

Made a spontaneous decision to visit Norsk Folkemuseum last weekend (living in Oslo makes it easy to do stuff like this.) Besides, I’m not much of a party lion -getting cultural inspiration is much cooler than clubbing;)  If you have followed my blog for a while you’re probably well aware of my fascination for old buildings, especially wooden ones. I absolutely adore weird, crooked, wood-carved stuff- everything from roots to houses!  What better place to be for a creature like me than an outdoor museum? I mean, how epic is that? Norsk Folkemuseum is the largest museum of cultural history. it has 160 different buildings from rural and urban Norway – from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century. Of course – my favorites are the oldest stuff. Twirling in leaves amongst old lofts made me feel so alive, it was spiritual food for my ancient soul…Modern day time-travel is my kind of fun! Unfortunately, I had very little time when I visited so I literally RAN through it while I was shooting pictures like a maniac. Quite the workout, I must say.

Ever been to this glorious place? What’s your favourite part? 
Ps: Moar pictures to come in my next post.

– Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen

9 thoughts on “Norsk Folkemuseum (Part One)

  1. There is an interesting place in N Dakota that has reproductions of the homes, sweat houses and an actual church that was rebuilt from the original! I love this stuff too! Keep up the great work!

  2. I totally relate to running around gorgeous woods or outdoor museums shooting pictures like a maniac. That’s me, always…. hehehe ^^ It’s fully qualified as workouts indeed. I love Norsk folkemuseum too, and the favorites are the oldest stuff and the buildings with the most grass on it ❤

  3. I Like the quirkyness of old building like this, we have our Tudor houses. No two rooms the same. In your photos I like those big round columns in the upstairs part the most. They could’ve just made corners (“Hey it’s cold, lets get this house built fast”) No. Let’s make a good job of it. Eco friendly too, using grass to insulate the roof. Some of the carvings look like wheat. Did they store it in the uptairs rooms?

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