Pillaged Viking Beads

Behold my latest Viking Boob Bling creation! This arrangement consists of beads that I have pillaged at various viking markets this summer (I will make sure to post about these viking events soon). I added a witchy vibe with two dried bird feet. *No animals were harmed in the process- the the grouse foot was a gift from a hunter and fellow viking, and the crow was found dead and dried by she.*

I will have the pleasure of bearing my newest creation already this weekend;) very excited to be going to yet another Viking Themed event in just a few days!

~ Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen


3 thoughts on “Pillaged Viking Beads

  1. Amazing design! LOVE IT!

    Dont know if to write a comment in norwegian, icelandic or english ?
    But I love your blog!

    – Marìa àslaug

  2. I’ve seen your blog’s other posts and they’re all wonderful. Viking culture fascinates me and you’re so lucky to live where the culture can come alive. I wish I could go to Viking festivals and camps!

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