Midgardsblot “2016”

Self –  after sleeping in a tent for a couple of days. If you followed my IG story you probably saw some posts of me and my friends in a so-called “lazy bag”. A lazy bag is a portable sausage sofa, (or something like that). You have to inflate it by running with it for a while. I laughed my ass off in that thing. Chilling and grilling in a sausage sofa by the sea felt so surreal.

Midgardsblot had a Viking Camp too. I was “undercover” and sneaky in urban clothing, but I visited the camp and beheld its glory with great enthusiasm.

Tablet weave porn.

This shield is glorious, and the lady who made it is badass.

Magic stones, For pagan workings (or decoration).
Wonderful viking instruments on display. Getting a demonstration by the maker himself made my day. img_6949-1
Picture from the Wardruna concert, the very last day of Midgardsblot.
The rain was pouring down. (Picture from my IG story on friday)

Midgardsblot 2016 was a blast! I saw so many of my favorite bands and I really hope that this festival will continue to thrive! In my opinion, friday was the best day. Having a beer whilst listening to Skáldmöld, Enslaved and Skuggsjá were the highlights for me. By the way: I met so many of my blog readers and I am honored that you guys came up to say hi to me! ❤ It’s been a while since I had so much fun as I had at Midgardsblot, and I will definitely be back next year!

Side story:
You know what? I slept in a tent! A PLASTIC TENT. This is something that others tend to believe that someone like me “should enjoy” – but I really, really don’t. Festivals most certainly aren’t all fun and flowers…ehem. One of the mornings, someone crawled out of their tents and put their drunken bodies in a sleeping bag RIGHT outside MY thick tent wall. These individuals were snoring and farting(!) loudly and shamelessly (This is where I need to mention that I wore ear plugs). That bit was both horrible and funny. Mostly horrible, though. Others spent hours blowing in horns in order to keep the rest of the camp awake. Great fun for them, I guess. Dreadful for me, I know.


In the future, I will probably not be seen at the camp site- I am simply way too fond of comfort and privacy for that. Hahaha! Don’t get me wrong, tents are okay when you are alone, or in very good company of few in the wilderness. Next year, I think I’ll need to find a secret spot underneath a big tree and enjoy some silence between the festivities. I am a classic example of an introvert who has learned to become extraverted, so being able to draw back is something that my nature craves more than a plastic tent and everlasting partying. Ugh. Ooooor – I might check into a hotel.

Fear not, the possible horrors of snoring stranger danger is not going to stop me!

– Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen


3 thoughts on “Midgardsblot “2016”

  1. Så kjekt det såg ut 😀 Vi hadde veldig lyst til å dra på Midgardsblot, men begynte dessverre på jobb den veka og hadde ikkje anledning til å ta meg fri (hadde ikkje kunnet kome før seint fredags kveld).. men fekk ihvertfall oppleve Wardruna i Håkonshallen eit par veker seinare!

    Elles deler eg ditt syn på festivalteltlivet: Telt er kjempekjekt i skogen eller med hyggelege naboer på vikingmarknader, men å sove i ein festivalcamp.. not so much :p

    PS: Det varma hjarte å sjå det siste bildet, du såg så lykkeleg ut ^^

    • Dere må komme til neste år! Stemninga er så god, og hadde blitt enda bedre med dere der<3 Haha det er kjekt at det ikke bare er jeg som er litt "sær på det der" 😉 Telt gjør meg til Dr Jekyll og Mr. Hyde! Ps: takk kjære- der var jeg virkelig også! Kanskje vi kan ta en Midgardsblot-selfie neste sommer(?) *lokke og lure*

  2. Hello! Do you have any information (or know the name of) the type of viking chair shown in picture 4? It is a narrow, long chair with simple peg legs. I really want to make one, and am hoping to find a little information online – but I didn’t know wha tto call it to search for it.
    Thank you! Tess

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