Healing Viking boob bling 

Tonight, I am trying to heal a nasty flu with some creative vibes. Diving into my ever growing bead collection to create new “viking boob bling” seems to do the trick! (I don’t care if it’s placebo. It works, and you should all try it;)

Arranging new chains for the turtle brooches is a never ending project. I feel like I am constantly changing or adding elements to my chains, but this has become a much cherished hobby of mine. 

About the red bead in the middle; I saw it at Sarpsborg viking market this year, and noticed that many artisans were selling beads with the swastika symbol. It feels good to see that good people are taking it back- amongst so many other of our symbols. Archeological finds from the Oseberg grave revealed a beautiful bucket with the swastika on it. (As we all know, this symbol has been misused and stigmaticed. I have adressed this matter in several of my earlier posts

Yes, good people of Midgard- One can never have too many viking beads!

~Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen


6 thoughts on “Healing Viking boob bling 

  1. I love viking beads, but they are so hard to find at markets here in Australis (and I would rather buy from someone local) even when I have looked online 😞 maybe I am not looking in the right place 😄

    Hope you feel better soon hun 😘

  2. I hope you feel well again soon! ❤

    I recently purchased my first hangeroc & underdress, and I absolutely adore them, & I can't wait until I can afford a couple brooches & start a bead collection. Yours is beautiful! I always enjoy seeing your posts about them. 🙂

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