Pillaged goods from Borrekaupangen (part two)

Greetings, people of Midgard! Behold my new, glorious viking instrument! Isn’t she beautiful?

As my eyes fell upon her I felt some kind of childish joy that I haven’t experienced in years. The tingling sensation of pure inspiration hit me with full strength and there was no way I could leave the market without bringing her with me. We are a perfect match, sounding rather awesome together already. Dear readers, there shall be sweet music to present you.

I haven’t named her yet. Suggestions are most welcomed in the comment section!  🙂

~Sól Geirsdóttir 


5 thoughts on “Pillaged goods from Borrekaupangen (part two)

  1. So many many questions! I am unfamiliar with this instrument! What key is it tuned to? How do you play it? Like a harp or guitar? What kind of wood is it made from? It is very beautiful!

  2. Oh woaw ! Who made it ? It’s very finely crafted !
    For the name I would say Oda. An ode, a very old type of song to please usually a beautiful woman. Or to sing her beauty everywhere to other people.

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