Pillaged goods from Borrekaupangen (part one)

These beads are handmade by the sweetest lady I know in the Viking Bead Game; Laura Smideberga. The first time I met her she told me that I looked like the sun goddess of her people’s old religion ❤ Anyways, these beads are 24 karat gold and sterling silver. I knew I had to have them once she showed them to me, especially since I’ve never seen anyone wear something like that before. Don’t remember where I got these ones but they will look perfect on my newly made green apron dress. I wore it at Borre and I will show you the design in my next post. I even pillaged some linen fabric in a quite flashy colour (and..more beads!!)   It doesn’t stop there, good people.. By the gods! I couldn’t help myself!! … New “hooks” in bronze for all the bling is a necessity.Linen thread in pretty colours. Ah! The feels! ..The feels!Behold my new tablet weave! The red one is made of linen, while the brown and blue is made of silk. 

The blue has silver threads in addition to the silk… Sága has noticed and won’t leave me alone whilst gazing at its’ glorious flashiness!

As usual, I took LOADS of high quality pictures that I shall share with you here. The Viking Market season has just begun! Next marked for me is this weekend at Sarpsborg. Whom will I see there? 

~Sól Geirsdóttir, The Viking Queen


2 thoughts on “Pillaged goods from Borrekaupangen (part one)

  1. Wonderfull work and some great finds in the beads! Here half a world away in California, USA. Finding things like linen thread can be a problem. To much satin and nylon. Can’t wait to see new photos of this coming adventure.

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