Viking Outfit for a Forest Ritual

Spring is upon us! 
springqueenThis fur coat is older than me.  
Behold my beloved wood carved ale bowl!

I dressed up for a simple forest ritual today.
No other reason needed.

Linen chemise – hand stitched by me (with linen thread)
Fur: Inherited from my grandmother
Jewelry: Snorre by Sigmund Espeland

– Sól, The Viking Queen

5 thoughts on “Viking Outfit for a Forest Ritual

  1. Looking gorgeous hun. I am waiting for my handcrafted lead bowl to turn up (not the same as yours though). And I finally saved up enough to aquire the snorre bling 😍 which series last week! Just need to wait for the earring to arrive now 🍂🌿

    P.S. I have attempted to contact you via Facebook and instagram about a possible unauthorised use of a photo of you to sell a product.

    Take care 😘

  2. Love the outfit! Did you make your own pattern or find it somewhere? I try and fail at making my own patterns. I would love to have an outfit like that. Maybe with a boiled wool cloak that is fur trimmed. Don’t have anywhere around here where I can get fur to make a cloak. The carving is wonderful as well! 😀

  3. Perfect hairstyle. Ties the outfit together so well, I could have sworn I smelled salt and mead on the horizon. And what a great ale bowl. I have a non-alcoholic mead recipe that would go good in that. All in all, “I am Leif Erikson, and I approve this outfit.” 😉

  4. The outfit is tres shieldmaiden chic. What was the forest ritual like? I’m a sucker for ancient rituals and how they work.

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