Work work work work work work

This is what I’m doing tonight. Working on one of my new viking dresses! Good fun for this gal.
Høst does not look amused…
(I think these will look good with this fabric. Bronze is my fav for earth tones.. I used to wear these a lot before I upped my vikingbling game. Figured I’ll use different Viking boob bling for different outfits.)
…Sága is still a wee kitten, and therefore easy to amuse
I think I will go with black linen thread for now. Will use wool thread for the embroidery 😉
Oh my gods, her face! Hahaha

Tonight is all about creative vibes, and of course – my two cats. Those of you who live with cats know that sewing is an activity that is nearly impossible to engage in… My fur babies follow me everywhere, and I mean everywhere I go! They love to place their butts right in the middle of my fabric, often just as I’m about to cut it or pin it together. Pursuing my creative needs can be bit stressful due to my cats’ constant interest in “what their mom is doing”. But that’s a small price to pay for all the kitty love I receive ❤ !

What interrupts your work? 

Sól Geirsdóttir


9 thoughts on “Work work work work work work

  1. I don’t have a cat, but a massive dog who likes to stick her head all over my embroidery or sewing work! Her fur usually ends up being extra “texture” in my creative work 😉

  2. hehe know the feeling, my cat loves to drop himself in the middle of my fabric as well. He never needs any attention, that is until i pick up a book or a needle 😀

  3. Mostly the snorring of my dog 😦 Which she only does when my son is in bed (and the only time I can get some work done). My cat really does not bother me haha, as long as he can sit real close xD

  4. Your cat’s face is absolutely hilarious. I think she may share a soul with mine.

    Diva Bun

    (Seen there being less than gracious about the pillow cover I made for him even though it looks so nice with his eyes.)

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