Viking & medieval markets, 2016 (Norway)

 I’m so excited for this year’s market season! And I’ve already started making new and flashy viking garb!I’m not quite sure which ones I will attend yet, but I will annonce thar asap. Who knows, our paths may cross and I might get the chance to meet some of you lovely readers this summer ❤ 

April/ May
29.04-01.05 Sigdal Vikingmarked / Sigdal Viking Market
20-22.05 Vikingtinget på Tingvatn / Vikingting at Tingvatn
27-29.05 Oslo Middelalderfestival / Oslo Medieval Festival
28-29.05 Vikingmarked på Leikvin / Viking Market at Leikvin

03-05.06 Bjørgvin Marknad, Viking og Middelalderfestival / Bjørgvin Viking and Medieval Festival
03-05.06 Tønsberg Middelalderfestival / Tønsberg Medieval Festival
04-05.06 Sunnmøre Middelalderfestival / Sunnmøre Medieval Festival
09-12.06 Karmøy Viking Festival / Karmøy Viking Market
10-12.06 Hamar Middelalderfestival / Hamar Medieval Festival
10-12.06 Viking og Mellomalderdager på Lygra / Viking and Middle Age Days on Lygra
17-19.06 Hafrsfjordkaupangen / Hafrsfjord Viking Market
17-19.06 Store Nes Viking og Middelalder Marked / Store Nes Viking and Medieval Market
20-26.06 Trondheim Vikinglag: «På vikingers vis» / Trondheim Vikinglag: «The Viking way»

01-03.07 Borre Vikingmarked / Borre Viking Market
08-10.07 Bronseplassen Vikingmarked (Agder Vikinglag) / Bronseplassen Viking Market
15-17.07 Sarpsborg Vikingfestival / Sarpsborg Viking Festival Map
*19-24.07* Gudvangen Viking Market / Gudvangen Viking Market Map 24-31.07
Olsokdagene på Stiklestad / The Saint Olav Festival at Stiklestad.


03-07.08 Lofotr Vikingfestival / Lofotr Viking Festival11-14.08 Háleyg Vikingmarked (Boðvin Viking) / Háleyg Viking Market Coming!
12-14.08 Møystadssaga vikingtreff / Møystadssaga Viking Meeting Coming!
18-21.08 Midgardsblot metalfestival / Midgardsblot Metal Festival (includes a viking market area)
?  Yddir Vikingmarked (Hemnes) / Yddir Viking Market
26-28.08 Askøy Vikinglag Marknad / Askøy Viking Market
27-28.08 Hove Vikingmarked (Agder Vikinglag) / Hove Viking Market
27-28.08 Bergenhusdagene / Bergenhus Medieval Days


03-04.09 Gjallarstadir Vikingmarked Lillestrøm / Gjallarstadir Viking Market
09-11.09 Tønsberg Vikingfestival / Tønsberg Viking Festival

 Please let me know if there are changes to the dates, info is missing, etc:) *Edit : The source I originally linked too seem to have stolen the work of Valkyrja(!) Thanks for notifying me about it. Not okay to snatch someone else work, guys!
Here’s her –> blog <— !  She’s worked hard on a complete list of dates, even for markets in other scandinavian countries. 

Sól Geirsdóttir


10 thoughts on “Viking & medieval markets, 2016 (Norway)

  1. Looks like they simply copy/pasted the list I spent a lot of time working out in January, and forgot to credit me for it? That way, they ended up including some events that are private meetings as well, and some that have not been announced elsewhere and have been cancelled, as I have updated my list continuously. Mine also includes events in the other Scandinavian countries, you’ll find the original here:

    • Oh dear, I had no idea! I found this via a google search. Credits needs to be given to the right person..! Tnx for letting me know, I’ve removed their link and added yours now.

  2. Hi,
    I’m hoping to go the the Borre marked in July, but I’m having a hard time finding prices for entry (not to mention a car and place to stay in Horten). I see the website has a form for being a viking participant, but is it alright for me to just show up and enjoy the market?

    • Hi. I haven’t really given all that too much thought, and I hope that it will be like last year as for prices (free if you wear viking clothing). You can just show up and enjoy the market-but I would advice you to fill out that form if you want to participate at the Gilde and stuff like that. Good luck with car and accommodation!

  3. Posts like this make me desperately want to pack my bags and move halfway across the world just to attend events like this.

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    • There is no way I could go to all of them unless someone decides to sponsor me! Norway is a tricky country due to distances and such. I would recommend good company over a specific market, tbh. Good friends and warm clothes is all you need to have fun over here. (Borre is one of my fav markets, though)

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