-Yule outfit, 2015-


Gleðileg jól! I have celebrated yule for days now with my nearest and dearest. Ale, mead and meat was on the menu. Ah, it was glorious! As you can see, there is no snow in the Northern realms. My parents live in the south even though my whole family comes from the north of Norway. This time of year makes me miss the northern light and the cold, clear air a little extra.

Winter solstice and the “return”of the sun is worth celebrating. I wandered deep into the woods to commune with spirits of olde, to worship the moon and the sun. To me, Yuletide is about keeping the ancient norse traditions alive. Year after year, after year.
The Outfit: is hand sewn, made by me (100% linen, and 100% wool) The tablet weave is Oseberg style. The pelt is 100% wolf(!) – vintage and smelly. Haha! Seriously, though…It is kind of smelly. When buying vintage pelts you may have to hang them outside for some time to make the smell go away.

How do you celebrate this time of year? I hope you’re having a blast whatever you are doing. Stay close to those you hold dear, and honor those that have passed. Be kind to others, maybe even more than usual this time of year…You never know what people might be going through.

– Sól Geirsdóttir

4 thoughts on “-Yule outfit, 2015-

  1. Because I live in the southern hemisphere it ks summer here. The summer solstice was a day or so ago and I gladly welcome the winter day; because nice cool days that do not exceed 35 degrees celsius repeatedly 😰 and the sun dose not rise directly in my eyes at work during winter 😉 Our xmas is spent enjoying summer fruits and splashing around the pool or beach 😁 I do look forward to enjoying a ‘traditional’ northern xmas one day 😊 xmas love to you 😘💪🎄

  2. WOW, you look gorgious! Well done! May I ask you a question: what is your source for keeping norse traditions alive, I mean: which book(s) do you use? Snorris writings?
    Have a nice weekend! Bye bye from France,

  3. you’re looking glorious as usual, Sól! I have two questions and I’d love if you could answer them 😉
    First one is: is your band releasing more material soon? I really the songs you guys released so far and it would be a delight to hear more from you!
    Second one: all the pictures you take on museums, etc are so gorgeous, with vivid colors and very clear. Which camera do you have?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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