Row, row, row, your boat

oseberg6A few weeks ago, Fall was still with us here in the Northern Realms.oseberg5



Visited the Viking ship Museum at Bygdøy a few weeks ago with this handsome fella;) We charged our batteries with some good old viking energies (literary speaking!). The guards kept staring at us as if we were going to “row row row the Oseberg ship away, gently on the stream”. I can’t blame them – we were shamelessly drooling all over it…

There will be epic pictures for you to behold in my next blog post! It might have a little something to do with that ship… Teehee.

Sol, The Viking Queen


5 thoughts on “Row, row, row, your boat

  1. I love that top photograph. Those are very autumnal colours you are wearing and you look almost goddess like. Your friend seems like he would be handy with a Dane Axe, and this is a big complement from me 🙂 I’m looking forward to your next post. .

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