Sarpsborg Viking Market 2015 (part one)

Behold part one of my posts about Sarpsborg Viking Market!sarps2
Frøy, Odin and Torsarps4My good friend Kristin is holding this glorious wood carved Gere and Freke badness that I pillaged at the market. It makes my mead taste better simply because of its beauty<3

All year is viking season for me, but I really miss the Market Season… I’ts hard to decide on ONE favorite market as they all have their charm. I am happy to be wherever people are warm and welcoming. Borre Viking Market (four years ago) was magical to me. I spent quality time with my dearest sister in spirit, and we celebrated and feasted until we fell asleep on top of a viking grave(!). Yes, my friends – That’s how we party. Good energies and viking vibes is all that I ever ong for;)

Dear readers, what about you? Have you ever been to a Viking Market? 
And of all the markets you’ve been to, which market is your favourite and why?

Sól, The Viking Queen

2 thoughts on “Sarpsborg Viking Market 2015 (part one)

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! We have some good markets here in the US but that i am aware of, not Viking related. So I am often resorting to buying the things i want online =/. I am planning to go to Scandinavia as part of my honeymoon next year [also asia and africa =) ] and i am looking forward to visit all the viking markets and events! But I need to coordinate the dates.

  2. Of all the viking markets I have attended. My one and only #1 favorite must be Gudvangen. What a week! There is nothing to compare it to and I’m sitting here wishing it was summer 2016 so I can go back there..

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