Modern Day Viking (outfit) – part one of many to come!


Photos by: Stefan Roke (aka my partner in crime in Voluspá)

~ The fur : is vintage (and probably older than my earthly body)
~ I  found the dress on sale at a store which I cannot remember the name of
~ The belt is just a little random something I’ve had for years.
~ The shoes belongs to a dear friend of mine. You will get them back, honey…
…Any day now;)

I often get  asks about my everyday style, and I realized that this is something I had yet to post at my personal viking blog. Behold the pictures above, for they portray a good example.! Naturally, I wear viking garb on every occasion I see fit. Alas, there are times where viking attire can cause problems and discomfort, and those times require a little bit of that modern day “fashion”. Most of my clothes have been purchased at second hand stores, others are weird creations I’ve thrown together myself – you will see more of the latter in another post.

I rarely keep track of where I buy my everyday clothing. But I do try to incorporate viking elements into my “style” This is not something that I think too much about, it just sort of happens. 🙂 My best tip is to look for goods at vintage and second-hand stores. More posts and tips to come, this is just the beginning guys!

What is your everyday style like? 

~ The Viking Queen


34 thoughts on “Modern Day Viking (outfit) – part one of many to come!

    • You CAN put it all together<3 I love going to vintage shops, and I have never really cared about brands. I just pick whatever I like and wrap it around my body. So I guess that's my best shopping tip – vintage shops. It's a good way to find something unique:-D

  1. I’ve got to say it has more of a Bronze Age feel to it than Viking Age as sort of a modest version of the “Egtved Girl”. But it definitely is very fetching & stylish without being part of the current mode. Well done.

  2. I have so much respect for you. Because you embody the viking spirit every day. One day, I hope to be able to incorporate my mediæval interest into my everyday. ❤

  3. That’s still a very ‘ethnic’ look. That shade of blue really suits you and I love the stole but let’s face it, you would look good in anything, my Queen :).
    Personally, I’m partial to the over sized sweats and hooded tops by French label ‘Black Kaviar’ (black with faux leather inserts). Not Viking, but to my liking :).

  4. Hi! Very nice! I love it! Please, could you also make tutorials for hair how-to? and make-up how-to? You look just do gorgeous! I am wondering how you do it! I would love to get inspired!

    • Hi, I have been planning to do tutorials for some time now, I hope that I will get to do it this summer. I want to make the best looking quality possible for you guys (my equipment is currently very “stone age”) So! As soon as I get my new computer I will get right to it

    • ❤ That you will, my dear. You are a stunner yourself! 😀 Once I have managed to reconstruct this blog there shall be more! /Too much stuff to do these days – but with the upcoming summer I better get to it.

  5. Hy Sol! Just one thought: why don’t you start you own fashion line? Like here down in Austria, we have several designers who took our traditional costumes and turn them into “modern” dresses. They took the old design and simplify them, made them out of cotton and not out of wool so they would be nicer to wear, they put a zip so we can quickly put them on instead of having ten buttons, not so heavy floral design but kept just a lit bit of flowers, shortened the lenght of the skirts… and so on… Many women wear them at work, or just a traditional shirt + a blue jeans (yes, why not?), many men wear their traditional pants too (the same way the traditional pants wer simplified, but kept the traditional style). So, in order to keep your traditions alive, or to reenact them, why don’t you do the same? Take your viking outfits, simplify them (put a zip!), and I am sure, people would love to wear that! If Austrians did it, why not Norvegians? Let’s go!!!

    • Ah, I would love to do that! I have been playing with a few ideas that I hope to set to life:-D It’s cool to hear that Austrians designers are incorporating traditional wear into their modern day fashion. Thanks for the tip! ;-*

  6. Hej ! I just wanted to tell you that I am amazed by one of your last posts on Instagram (I don’t have an account there, that’s why I write about it here), the photo of yourself without makeup. Even if you are beautiful also with makeup, I find you so… full of light, and natural, when you don’t wear anything on your face (especially eyebrows and lips). Your eyes are just much more alive, and seem more blue. Could you please have more pictures with no or few makeup ? It suits you so well !!

    Concerning the subjet of this article, I like the fact that you’re including viking elements in your everyday look (and life in general, btw)… I’m doing the same, I think it’s so intimate and brave at the same time to wear our deep self every day !

    Kram från Sverige !

    • Thank you! I will probably do more toned down photos in the future, as well as more crazy makeup pics. I do love both styles.

      Back in the 90’s this kind of look craved it’s bravery… With inspiration from lotr and movies like that, I think that people have come to enjoy “weird” clothes at a different level 🙂 I need to be myself, I have always followed my inner voice. It’s nice to hear that you do the same! You said it beautifully, we wear our deep selves. Old age – not new age;)

      klemmer fra Norge!

  7. Thank you for this post. I really appreciate seeing how to bring this aesthetic into a practical, wearable modern outfit. I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing a costume, but would like to bring more heritage into my daily wear. It would be cool to see more of your daily looks like this. Love your blog!

    • No problem! Very humbling to hear that you like it:-) I wrote this post because people were asking for it. Most of my wardrobe is filled with old stuff and I am oh so fond of vintage.. I will post more pictures of my everyday wear, vintage or not! That’s a promise.

  8. This is literally a post about you and what you wear and you sell it to sound like you’re going to give advice on incorporating the “Viking look” to “modern day” life … You just go on to blow smoke up your own ass instead of naming any names or providing any sort of assistance to other humans that may have similar interests.. Not only that but the small businesses and craftsmen you probably purchase these one of a kind items from. … This public image is horribly vain and superficial and truly missed the point of the Viking cultures you so desperately want to represent..

    • Wow, what a bitter sounding comment. Seems to me that you are not looking for advice, just trying to make me feel bad. My blog is about me and my everyday life. I am fascinated by the Viking Era, but not a reenactor (which I have written many times before). This IS a post about my everyday wear – as the header says;) and waaaaat?? about the “small business craftsmen?!” You must be terribly misinformed. Credit is always given when I know who the craftsmen are – ESPECIALLY the small business ones. I have named several products before. However, I am not sorry for liking vintage and shopping at Fretex – and if the clothes has no tag on, there is no way that I’ll be able to name the brand! Assistance to humans with the same interests has been given before and will be given again. Ppppppffffft to you.

      • I appreciate that you not only post beautiful photos celebrating traditional crafts and craftspeople, but that you also sew many of your own clothes. Some people build, others only tear down. Let “Jaime Sherwood” make his own blog, since he’s so perfect; I’ll keep reading yours!

      • Don’t sweat mean people like that person. I like your outfit and if they don’t like it that’s their problem. I don’t know why they bothered to even post in here. They’re not worth your energy

  9. I absolutely love this look!! I love “dressing up” I’m obsessed with old world styles, warrior like attire, and my celtic/druid ancestry. Sadly most of my attire is only fit for festival’s or Halloween. Modern society isn’t very accepting of anything they believe resembles paganism, they fear that which they do not understand. A co-worker of mine once gave me the cold shoulder for months after hearing of my attendance to a festival called Faerieworld (where I saw Omnia live, most amazing night ever!). I was once mocked even over a peice of jewelry I chose to wear bearing a spiritual earthly symbol, people are so brainwashed by tv and their views on paganism or “witchcraft”, they know nothing of earth based beliefs. I however love how you were able to incorporate a bit of viking/medieval/celtic flair into a modern everyday outfit, I would love to start incorporating them into my everyday look as well. I live in a very conservative town where everyone just assumes your a Christian, as if being anything else is a bad thing, to each their own, I personally have a love for earth based faiths and wish to wear a bit of my celtic/druid heritage with pride. I’m tired of caring about what other people think of me. Thank you for sharing your take on a modern viking outfit, I too love second hand shopping, always looking for a tossed out treasure, or something I can upcycle. Can’t wait to see more inspiring outfit ideas!

    • I’m starting to make my own Viking inspired clothes. I don’t care what people think, I’ll wear my Viking style out in public if I want to, even at church. You go for it!

  10. You look so amazing in that outfit! I wish I could find cloths fitting this style here in the Iberian peninsula! Are you going to post more modern viking outfits soon?

    Greetings from Lisbon!
    ~ Alexis

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