When people wish bad upon you (A pep talk about haterz and loverz)

I agree- it is time for me to write something. It’s not that I didn’t want to… But you see, life got in the way. I’m rebuilding my strength, rising from the ashes, so to speak. Life is like this – some people are good for you, and some people are bad for you. No “Hocus Pocus” there, but the trick is to notice what people around you make you feel like. Do they bully you, or talk behind your back? Are your friends really true friends? There are so many vultures out there who just wait for you to fall. We all have those, allright…. This can be draining, feeling these bad vibes just “lurking in the dark”, watching your every step (in case you’ve ever had a stalker – like I’ve had)…Yes, you can kind of feel when others are wishing bad upon you. This is how I work: For every bad wish someone sends me, I recognize it and simply turn it. It might be some form of mindfulness going on there – I really don’t know.. All I am certain of is that I use that very energy in my advantage, to build my own strength. In other words; You haterz sitting there trying to pull me down with gossip and lies are only going to get a headache, while I’m here making a great life for myself. I’m simply strolling through all that hate – It’s like rowing through clouds.

That’s the beauty of it all, my dear friends and foes… You have to learn to turn the negativity into positivity. Use every day to make yourselves better, and surround yourselves with people who wish good upon you. Those are the people who will make you grow, those are the ones that will be there when everything goes straight to Hel. These people are what you can call true friends. I raise my glass to all of mine, to all the sweet blog readers, and to all the fighters out there who makes life better by “sending good vibes” even though life is hard for us all.

When people wish bad upon you – simply turn your energy away from them.  After all, it’s just a phony wish… Hehe, Ive always wondered why we can’t all be friends – or just leave each other be. Why do people want to surround themselves with negativity? Like a good friend of mine once said; “Fuck their judgy stares and shit.”

Oslo Middelalderfestival 2014
Throwback Thorsday. Photo by Nils Katla
Oslo Medieval Festival, “2014”

Speaking straight from this Heathen Heart of mine
Yours truly,

~The Viking Queen

19 thoughts on “When people wish bad upon you (A pep talk about haterz and loverz)

  1. Though it isn’t a Heathen reference, the Buddhist monk Shantideva had something very interesting to say in regards to haters.

    I can’t find the exact quote but it goes something like this.

    If someone lives a life dedicated to non-harming then very few people will seek to upset that person. Because of this it is dififcult to develop patience which is a wonderful virtue that helps a great deal in life. Therefore when one comes across a person who pushes our buttons it might be wise to be happy as they give us a chance to develop patience and inner strength.

  2. Well spoken, Sól. Truly, hard times always reveal true friends. It is good to keep that inner fire of happiness burning no matter what life brings.

    Well wishes and good vibes to you from Brazil.

  3. Well said! Our experiences for better or worse make us who we are & there are few problems in life that cannot be solved with the correct application of a sharp axe.
    May the gods be on your shoulder.

  4. as long as someone can distinguish valuable counsel from “hate”, good way to deal with.. just don’t throw away the healthy apples that may appear ugly together with the rotten ones that poison you.. some of the best advice, that brought me furthest, i received from my greatest enemies.. and some of the poorest advice i got by someone who tried to comfort me with nice words.. but evading the truth… i wouldn’t want to miss a single accusation.. i look at it and if its not usefull i throw it over board without further thoughts…

  5. I see the ill wishes of others as though they were trying to arrive at the doorstep of my mind, wishing to hand me a basket of poisonous snakes. They knock on my door, I answer, and I see what they wish to offer me. If I accept what they offer, even just to throw back in their face, I’m a fool for having allowed their malice to touch me. So I simply refuse to accept it, and leave them standing at the closed door of my mind, holding a basket of their own malice. If they knock again, then I’m the fool for even bothering to answer. “Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.”

    Either way, I hope your outlook will help you to enjoy the season more, free from the ‘haterz’ and other people who obviously need something more productive to do with their time 🙂

  6. Wish you all the best from France. I am sad to read that, but happy to read your reaction and thoughts about it. I think, when ever someone turns negative into positive, it’s always the best way to go… even if it’s so hard! I believe in one G.od (I am jewish), but I send you all my best wishes for you to make the place where you live a better world! Hold on!

  7. You had have a great reaction, and thank you for sharing that good point of view.
    I hope it will all be in a good way to you.
    Best wishes from France (yeah, an other one !)

  8. I actually come back to your article from yesterday because I am still thinking about it, from a personal experience: actually, I found out that you recognize true friends like this: when you are happy, they are happy with you without envy, they are happy of your success even if they don’t have so much success. These are true friends. It’s too easy to say some kind words with the lips but with a heart full of heatred. So like me: I have not thousand friends, but some good friends I can relay on. And what about people who wish you bad things? It’s sad… So I have a question: HOW do you do it on a daily base to turn them into positivity? What is your methode? I really would like to know, it would help me!
    Hugs from France!

  9. I like your philosophy a lot and totally agree with it ! And it’s a very good advice to get stronger from bad experiences, instead of falling on your knees.

    Vi ses !

  10. Good blog entry, good words. The stalker-think quite shocked me… My boyfriend has been stalked, too some years ago (he used to play in a Metal band for 16 years). I hope things turn out well for you! Wish you all the best. 🙂

  11. Ah, there’s a blog too! ;D
    Found your instagram a while back and have been lurking around since then – so much inspiration! I was wondering about the perfume oils you’re making, are they essential oils or do you even make the oils from scratch? I’m very picky about perfumes too, so it would be great to be able to make your own. 🙂

  12. ‘I’m simply strolling through all that hate – It’s like rowing through clouds.’
    Perfect analogy and I will recall to mind like a weapon. As a strong person who survived 20 years dropped in a hundred foot hole of depression and loss and my willpower steadily destroyed by shallow haters and deceiving friends, may I tell this post rang true to my soul. Glad to know there’s more people like me out there. Blessings, Viking Queen

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