I travelled North

We travelled, by the almighty iron horse of all horses! (*cough* such a small car… such a long way!) This was pretty much our view once we hit The Lofotr Islands.
I beheld the misty mountains cold
There was too much beauty. I was wondering when it was going to stop
But it just became more and more beautiful 

I cried and snapped photos. Yes, I do have a soft spot for the grandiose mountains and fjords of Norway. There is no place like home. 
Along the way there was a beach. I had to take off my shoes to enjoy northern sand between my toes. 
I was wearing linen chemise

Mountains are most inspiring to me. They are cold, beautiful and mighty. Everything about them evokes a burning warmth in my heathen heart. Whenever they are mine to behold, I do get a romantic and quite religious vibe from them. I can’t help it, and I am not sorry about it.

As for now, I am looking through the huge pile of photos from the Lofotr Viking Market. Yes, you shall be able see them.

~The Viking Queen


14 thoughts on “I travelled North

  1. On that first mountain shot it looks like lines have been hand carved into them. Maybe they have 🙂 There is a mountain in Wales ( I forget the name) where it is said that if you spend a night up there you come down either mad or a poet. Maybe a bit of both would be nice.

  2. Just so beautifull! Thanks for sharing! And yes, you are true, there is no country like Norway! I fall in love with Norway the first time I was there and I am longing to see the fjords again!

    Bye the way, may I ask you: you are always dressed so beautifully with linen long dresses: where do you find them? Do you make everything yourself? I would love to wear such dresses also here in France!

    Bye bye, looking forward to see you pics!

  3. Love the chemise. I read that you hand-sew your own outfits….are you self taught? I would love to start hand-sewing and have been on the look-out for good information on it.

  4. Your country is so beautiful… You are really lucky to live here! Going to Norway is my dearest wish. I hope I could see those landscapes one day. For now, your blog makes me feel like I’m travelling there with you, so thank you. I wish you the best.
    Kisses from France.

    • Hy you! You are from France? From where? I am from Colmar! Would like to find other viking-interested people down here. And yes, Norway is the most beautifull country in the world! (j’aurais dû écrire en français!)
      Bye, Mirjam.

      • Salut Mirjam,
        Je suis de Nancy! Etant étudiante en Histoire et Archéologie, je m’intéresse évidemment à l’Histoire en général mais il est vrai que les Vikings et la Norvège me font particulièrement rêver! Par contre, je ne suis pas spécialiste, je suis une simple amatrice. ^^ Fais-tu partie d’une association de reconstitution?

      • Salut! Je suis doctorante en études germaniques et scandinaves à Strasbourg. J’écris une thèse sur la stemmatique de la légende de Brünhild. Donc l’histoire et l’archéologie restent dans mon domaine! Si tu veux écris-moi sur mon mail: pinkmirjam@hotmail.fr ! Byebye.

  5. Hello!
    You are an inspiring woman, and your blog is a world of happiness for the saga and Viking’s history lover i am ! Frida

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