Random Vikingness

The last few weeks, my life has been pretty much occupied by school, shieldmaiden workouts in the forest, and handsewing. It has been quite busy, and I am happy that the ‘storm is setting’ a bit so that I can focus on some upcoming creative projects of mine. These are mostly viking themed, and I am going to devote myself to them this weekend.

Here is some Random “Vikingness” of mine for you to behold while I edit some pictures of posts to come!

Here, one can see a bobcat skull (I do have a lot of them skulls) a secret witchy wooden box (containing secret things) a leather notebook, a piece of coal (used for creating my own shieldmaiden makeup) and white sage in a glass.
And… inside the little, wooden viking ship:One of my guilty pleasures! Draumur… The Icelandic chocolate that ranges above all chocolates (in my opinion) It is so good. I wish they would grant me a year supply of Draumur, but then again – I am glad that this is highly unlikely to happen. I am devoted to my Shieldmaiden workouts! She is building and empire here, folks…
Collected and dried by me (all birds had a natural death, and I just happened to find them in the forest during several of my strolls. Except for one, that was my cat’s first prey). I am planning to use these to make some jewelry.. How, I do not know yet. All suggestions are welcomed;)
I am often wearing this “brooch bling” of mine. The beads are a mix of handmade Birka beads, wood beads and beads made of different types of stone. There is also bronze bling; I had the pleasure of meeting the designer of the axe of my brooch bling this summer. (I promised him that I would make a blog post about this axe – and so it shall be. It is quite the story!) These days, I am making new brooch bling, and wondering in which order to put the different beads and stones. I know.. Not much of a problem, but somewhat creatively challenging. It has to be pearl-fect, you see.
You might be wondering what the little glass thingy contains.. Well, there are not many manufactured fragrances that I like. Therefore, I make my own using a blend of different oils. Scents that are typically labeled as “masculine” are in fact my favourites (Sandalwood, patchouli, cinnamon and lime).

Okay, now back to my creative pursuits.
I will be back with viking pictures soon. Stay tuned!

~The Viking Queen


11 thoughts on “Random Vikingness

  1. Good to hear from you again 🙂 Everything artsy sounds exciting! I just have to say that I thought I was the only girl that actually prefered those “mascular” scents too :O I prefer woodsy spicy scents and feel super picky.

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