Borre Kaupangen 2014 CE (part two)


A wild Rob suddenly appeared and wanted a photo with all the lovely ladies he could find
Photo: Rob Wildwood

Always checking out the viking bling. Cuz it’s mah thing.
Photo by Rob Wildwood

I know I promised a short story about Borre in this post, but I am so incredibly busy that I will have to give this to you in the next one… I miss blogging and interacting with my readers a lot, and I cannot wait until I get this other thing that I have to do out of the way.. It drains a lot of time and energy, and I long for using my viking might on something else than that *giggles* There are pictures coming here that I think you will really enjoy, and that will hopefully make up for my long absence. Tomorrow, Borre Kaupangen part 3 shall be here. By Balder’s beard, this I promise you.

And oh – I am norwegian, and I live in norway. This is a question that I answer on a daily basis. Maybe I should do a Q and A at some point?

~Sól, The Viking Queen


2 thoughts on “Borre Kaupangen 2014 CE (part two)

  1. Love the photos of everything. I’m half Norwegian (via Mom & her parents). Wish I could see Norway, can’t but sure do think about it.

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