Oslo Medieval Festival (part two)

Actually, I prefer silver to bronze. I managed to fight the urge to pillage all these beauties. 
Will you just look at the size of this wooden spoon? I felt like an ant next to it. 
The bling… Oh, the glorious viking bling!
Lise and Jan Tore are two of my bestest friends. I love you guys more than I love mead.

Sometimes, I feel like I should have more fingers to blingify. Hehe.Maybe I should blingify my toes too? Unfortunately, I’ve never seen viking jewelry for that sort of thing. Pardon my random babble….but Isn’t that what a blog is for?
Day quickly turned into night, and we enjoyed our time together at a random bar in Oslo.
Jan Tore snapped this photo of us while enjoying a much needed beer. Markets make us all very thirsty, you see.

To all of you who frequently ask me where I am from: I AM FROM NORWAY! *waves from the mountains* My ancestors were from the north of Norway (Lofoten)  to be specific. I write this thing in english because it is easier to interact with the world that way, and I do like to interact.

I know I’m waaaay behind with my blogging  – but hang on, my reasons are good! I’ve been sewing so much weird (and hopefully soon to be pretty) things that I will wear in the near future. I shall flaunt them here as soon as I finish them! *wipes sweat and returns to the fabrics*

~ Sól, The Viking Queen

4 thoughts on “Oslo Medieval Festival (part two)

  1. As a after thought, could you mention some of those norwegian crafts people whos beautiful goods you show? In the reenactment scene many are known from central Europe and the U.K. but even after 25 years doing living history, I don´t know a single person from Norway who makes replicas of any kind. Looking forward to your next blog entries, although they give me a bad conscience, that I should sit down and fresh up my own. 😉

  2. Why are you are with Ragnar Lodbrok? That was my american humor. They look very similare, to me. It is very very very nice for me to read your blog, Solgave. I started reading your previous blog early last year, and from you I found many of you wonderful Norwegians… who hold traditions well. I think you are helping to foster an important sense of identity for many European-Americans, because although you specifically relate Norwegian and greater Scandanavian tradition through your online presence; European paganism was at its time one thing, I think. With the deities of Scandanavia represented in the Gaulish, Slavic, Irish, and even Scythian lands – by other names. I’m not writing very well. Um, I thank you though because you helped me bring myself back to my original goals and persuants that I had when I was 4 years old, but had lost for 2 decades because american life moves one away from tradition, identity, history, spirituality, nature and camaraderie. . So thank you, and I think you have inspired other people as well – to goals and values that will help foster strong people committed to living in greater harmony with nature but also people who will not be steered by an outside force because they will now have a true sense of identity.

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