Viking makeup ~ Coal

Oslo Middelalderfestival 2014
hoto by Nils Katla

I wore coal makeup at Oslo Medieval Festival. I imagine that this is something the vikings possibly could do, as coal gives quite a dramatic look! There shall be further experiments with this natural “smokey eyes” look. And oh, all clothes are made by my handmaidens and She.

~The Viking Queen

8 thoughts on “Viking makeup ~ Coal

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  2. Just some historical support for your interest in viking makeup.

    In the mid-l0th century, a Córdoban merchant named al-Tartushi visited the Danish market town of Hedeby. He was none too impressed, for although, at 24 hectares (60 acres) in area, Hedeby was the largest Scandinavian town of the time, al-Tartushi found it a far cry from the elegance, organization and comfort of Córdoba. Hedeby was noisy and filthy, he wrote, with the pagan inhabitants hanging animal sacrifices on poles in front of their houses. The people of Hedeby subsisted chiefly on fish, “for there was so much of it.” He noted that Norse women enjoyed the right to divorce: “They part with their husbands whenever they like.” Men and women alike, he found, used “an artificial make-up for the eyes; when they use it their beauty never fades, but increases.”

  3. You have gorgeous hair!! I’m Having a hand-fasting ceremony next year and trying to grow as much length as possible while keeping my hair healthy, and thicker to if possible. I try not to use heat tools but with my thin wavy fuzzy hair its inevitable, I end up having to blow dry with a round brush every morning or throw it up in a tight ponytail, and pack on the hairspray to keep the poof away. I skip washing’s when I can and just use conditioner, but since I use hairspray I can only skip a day or two. Any tips for growing out long healthy hair? Trims, oils, care routine, etc.

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