Oslo Medieval Festival (part one)

omf4omf5 omf7omf6omf1 omf2 omf3 omf8 ~Ville vikinger volder vakker viljestyrke~ (Frostylva, She and Tathariel) Photo by Jan Tore

Yes, the market season in Norway has begun! I shall post more pictures from the festival soon. There was so much beauty to behold! Oslo Medieval Festival was great fun! I spent the day with my dearest friends. Thank you to those who came to meet and greet us! You made this day memorable ❤

Did you go to the festival?

~The Viking Queen

14 thoughts on “Oslo Medieval Festival (part one)

  1. Do you know where I can buy or a video of how to make a horn cup brass or silver rim protector? I love the designs on the ones in your picture, but that is a skill set that is above my pay grade!

  2. The Oslo festival looks pretty cool! Wish I could go to it. But, living on an island in the middle of the pacific limits things. I’m glad you post photos of your adventures so I can at least see some things. Thanks!

  3. I would have loved to have been able to go, but being half a world away……. Any I truly love the workmanship displayed, especially the horns.

  4. I’ve seen several of those wooden carvings (the Thor’s Hammers, the World Tree) at renaissance faires here in the US. The carvings are apparently imported from Singapore or someplace in that region, according to one of the guys who was selling them. It does give me hope for finding that bowl this summer, and not having to go all the way to Oslo!

  5. Glad for å sjå at de koste dykk, skulle gjerne vore der! Sjølv er vi veldig klare for å starte marknadssesongen på Bjørgvinmarknad til helga ^^

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