Spruce shoots

granskudd copySpruce shoots (granskudd)  are ready for harvesting now. Tis’ be the season! When possible, I like to harvest vegetables, meat and herbs straight from nature. Thought I’d start writing about viking food and beverages (I Just made a new category on this blog)

Spruche shoots are full of vitamin C, and are said to be health beneficial in many ways. Here are a few things one can do with spruce shoots;
~ Add to salads
~ Make tea (one handfull is enough for ca one litre of water – boil for a few minutes and tadaaa! Enjoy a frisky and healthy cup of tea)
~ Put them in a glass jar and add olive oil (use when cooking to add flavour)
~ As a toothpaste substitute when hiking in Jotunheimen.

Here are som fun recipies featuring spruce shoots: http://medcookingalaska.blogspot.no/2008/06/how-to-harvest-spruce-tips-with-recipes.html

Be careful when using essential oils made of spruce, some people might be allergic. People with asthma or pertussis should be extra careful(!). Please consult your doctor when in doubt. ~The Viking Queen

2 thoughts on “Spruce shoots

  1. Used white spruce with a rack of lamb for seasoning, gives an almost mint flavour. I imagine you would be picking from Norway spruce.

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