My Official facebook page (and some questions for you)

Yesterday, my blog had over 2600 views, and it was a fun and surprising discovery. Thank you for reading and commenting! I want to express my sincere gratitude for the positive comments, and for the constructive feedback! I am going to continue with my personal “viking makeup experiments” and will keep you posted on my personal findings. It looks as if this is something that interests and engages people in the viking community as well as my readers. Regardless, I have so many ideas for ancient makeup that I am very eager to try out!

The sun shone upon the Northern Realms some weeks ago

By the way, I just published my own official facebook page at:

Even though it is an official page, it will be more of a personal page to make it easier to share information and connect with friends and followers:-) Here you will find pictures, updates on new projects, notices of upcoming personal appearances and more.

I am curious… and hope that some of you want to leave some answers here. What  drew you guys to the modern viking scene? What topics draws your attention, and what do you wish to read about on my blog?

Any wishes and requests are most welcomed!

~The Viking Queen


31 thoughts on “My Official facebook page (and some questions for you)

  1. First … you are the main cause to come to this blog. Don’t misunderstand, please!!! Secondly, I like different cultures and Viking culture is one of the finest in existence!!! Great stories about brave warriors and of a people who has always been strong in pursuit of what it is right. I like it!!!!

  2. Found out that my dad’s family is Norse…or Norse adjacent, the tree is a bit muddled mid 1800’s and I stumbled across your gig, and what’s not to love? Stunning, talented shield Maiden like yourself showing all of us the best of the best from across the pond! I would like to see more about the food and drink of the Old World Norse. I now have an alter and am adopting Asatru as my religion…

    • Thank you so much for these kind words ❤ You brought a big smile upon my face! I already had a category with viking food and drinks in mind, I shall blog about it in the near future:-) The best of luck on your norse path. Greetings, ~Sól

  3. Interesse om våre forfedres kultur, liv og samfunn er vel hovedgrunnen til det. Dypt er begjæret om kunnskap over den eldste og mest kjente kulturskatten til nordfolket. Samtidig e eg jo forbannet musikkglad, og kjenne Markus. Glede meg til å høre mer ifra bandet 🙂

    • Hehe, jeg er også forbannet blad i musikk. Vakkert skrevet, det du sa om kunnskap og kulturskatt! Vi gleder oss til å levere mer. Markus er en gromgutt, og det er sikkert du og 🙂 Hedenske hilsener!

  4. I want to see more of your photoshootings and outfits, you are so inspiring person! And old viking jewellery and other stuff are also interesting 🙂
    I have read your blog for few months now, I found your page from google when I was searching something about “vikings (tv serie)” and Wardruna (do you like them btw?).

    Warm greetings from Finland!

    • Well,.. you are in for many treats! I have so many cool photoshoots planned:-) Will probably shock and upset a few, but I still have to do it;-) Thank you for your warm words and greetings. Sending good vibes from the cold northern realms of Norway!

  5. It’s the longing for more culture, more beauty and more nature that drove me near the vikings.All this can be found here as well. So if I had a wish I could address at you, it’d be that you go on and do what you’re doing 🙂

  6. I was on a viking-camp when I was in primaryschool and got obsessed with Norse mythology. After that I longed for the feeling of viking culture we experienced there, and found it once more at a summerjob on Lofotr Vikingmuseeum. As for this blog; it is amazing and you should keep doing what you are doing. As a request, I would love to read your lyrics, It would be amazing to enjoy every word of your beautiful music. And at last I have to tell you that you are the split image of how I imagine Frøya. 😀

    • Lofotr? That’s where most of my anscestors once lived and loved 🙂 I shall visit Borg this summer. Simply cannot wait to be back in the northern part of Norway. Lyrics will come! Thank you for your feedback, and for your glorious compliments!

  7. I found myself longing for a better connection with nature not hiding from it and abhorring it like most of the modern world. The old gods and the old ways celebrate life and nature and I find peace in that.

  8. even as a child the only things that i was interested in involved swords, warriors and adventure. as i grew older i started to study history and found the viking age to be one if not my most favorite area in history. the clothing, the weapons, the artwork, the adventure of exploring and of course the religion , that is another big part that brings me to viking age area, the old ways are the best.

    • Wonderful! You must have been such a lively child! Some of my friends made viking armour as children. Hehe. I do agree – the old ways are the best, and the viking culture was so rich in art and divine craftmanship.

  9. My family raised me on heathen beliefs. Instead of christmas we celebrated yule or midvinter. Instead of christian easter we had good old fashioned easter. There are viking poster all over our house and my dad loves vikings. So for me it’s been in my life for ever and except being a beautiful culture with lots of alluring sides I prefer it to any other culture. I’d have picked it even if I hadn’t been born with it.

    • Ah, heahen beliefs. Christian “tradition” builds upon the stolen traditions of paganism and heathenism. One must follow the path that is natural to the soul, keep on doing that!

  10. Enything you post will be magic, but I would like if You make some post about your haircare 🙂 I love your beautiful hair!

  11. My interests orientate me towards the north. Living in the North West of England, that has, up to now, taken me towards the Scottish Highlands and, my favourite place, the Orkney Islands, where I return to when I can. I am now starting to look further north now towards Scandinavia-hope to visit one day, and have started to learn Swedish. Give me time though 🙂
    Not sure why, but the south has never held much interest for me-you will never catch me sporting a suntan!
    Oh-and some of your photographs are striking 🙂
    Best wishes Pale Face of England 🙂

  12. I am from Southern Germany and first came across old German tribes and those “wild people” in my Latin classes at age 14 or so. I started to get into that ancient culture and mostly the religion. As the gods were mostly the same for the German tribes as for the Vikings I started to look for sources and original writings. Of course I came across Snorri Sturluson and got more into th medieval times than the times of ancient Rome. And as Germany was soon christianized and romanized/franconized I stuck with the northern realms. It is just so amazing how advanced the Vikings were! I mean building a ship you can sail onto a beach and easily push it back into the sea again for quick pillaging! And not only those ships were masterpieces of construction.
    Additionally I am a musher – doing dogsledding with my Siberian Huskies – so I love the cold and snow as much as having this wonderful connection with nature. Nothing is so beautiful than going outside, being one with the woods and my dogs. This is so pure and beautiful. No matter how often I looked down from a hill and saw the endless trees and mighty mountains, it’s so overwhelming, every single time.

    I got so much into Scandinavia that I started to study Scandinavian/Fennistic studies at university. It’s such a cool feeling to learn Old Norse ;D

    I think you are so inspiring and beause of you I just don’t have this platonic interest in the old northern culture anymore but I started to make my own clothes and wear them in public. I’m showing off what I have a passion for. Thanks for that! Keep being awesome Sól, you helped me becoming what I really am.

  13. Well with me, it has always been a great interest in history, and a special interest how common people lived in earlier times. Something not taught in school. Also my great interest in handcrafts. Have been doing calligraphy for 25 years now, and also with my trade as Goldsmith, I think you don´t need to guess which other craft I really enjoy. I have been doing reenactment since 1989.
    Mainly first century germanic craftsman, and a fifteenth century miniature painter and scribe.
    When one has had the priveldge to do a few open air Museum events, you never want to miss them again! As there is nothing like being allowed to use recreated or original buildings, and sometimes even boats. Also the great fun to take part at event in many countries. Up to now only one event in Sweden though at Glimmingehus. As to my interest in Vikings, well first of all my family comes from a German province which was long under danish rule. I love the scandinavian art of the Viking times very much, and there are many pieces I am very keen on reproducing using the same tools and techniques as they did. Also the things from then where made with care and love, not just practicality as now a days. They where appealing to the eye!

    Just like your blog which I enjoy very much reading! Also the pictures have a lot of atmosphere, and one sees here is some one who really enjoys there hobby.

  14. I have had an ever growing love affair with all things viking and especially viking women. Real women of viking decent. Adopted – i learned in my 20’s that my biodad was Scandinavian, which might explain my childhood dreams of longhouses and sod roofs. I have studied the Runes for years and have felt the sorry lack of true, harty, viking and blessings abound- womens wisdom. I find you strong and real and Viking. I enjoy all the topics you cover so well and as a personal cosmetic developer/inventer I fully anticipate your Viking makeup posts (our beautiful young women desperately need non chemical options. I am Krazi on facebook and i intend to LIKE you there as well. Thank you lovely Viking Queen.

  15. Oh and I thought of something else I want to see…any chance you can do a series of photos and interviews with these amazing craftsmen when they are making their wares? I love the carving, jewelry, blacksmithing…all of it!

  16. Although I was born in West Germany, my entire family was from Norway. Mostly Oslo. My maiden name was Olsen. As a child we were taught Christopher Columbus discovered America, but oh no, according to my father. I was allowed to state my views in school, even if it was “wrong”.
    I have Nordic blood that courses through my veins. I always thought I was different because of my very white skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. I learned at an early age to embrace my heritage and be proud. All of our pets have been named after Norse Gods or Goddesses. For 15 years I had a lovely “wolf dog” named Freyja….
    I enjoy your blogs very much. I do not even know how I came upon them, but I am glad!

  17. My mostly Scottish and some Germanic roots lead me to believe that there may be a great deal of Norsemen blood in my veins. Many years ago we started transitioning our traditions to more of a Pagan perspective rather than popular culture here in Canada. Over and over I found that the culture of the Viking era kept creeping into what we were doing. I love it so much, I can’t get enough of the stories, movies, poems, photos, archaeology and history of the Viking era. Though I don’t consider myself Heathen (would not rule it out in the future, though) I feel a very strong kinship with all that is Norse. You are beautiful and I love how you live your passions! Your blogs are very inspiring to me. Thank you from Canada!

  18. Dear Queen,

    I believe that you may find amusing the fact that I actually live at the other side of the world. Here is I, born and raised at the very south of Latin America without any root nor heritage that could link myself to Scandinavia. Yet the first time I learned about the viking culture, something clicked, I felt inevitably drawn to learn more and to just imagine how life could have been there and then. Against the will of many of my closest I started to let my hair and beard grow, allowing my true persona to bloom so that I could, for once, live the life that I wanted to live, instead of the life that they wanted me to pursue. Recently I discovered your blog and, needless to say, I was hooked.

    So when you ask your readers what do we think about the blog and what would we like to see, I tell you: everything. It is the beauty that you and your culture posses that keeps calling me back to check on your blog, hence, anything that can tell me more about how’s life, how are the people, how is the country, I will intellectually absorb in the illusion that allows me to feel closer to that place, in the hopes that I will one day be able to make the trip to stand on the actual ground that for so many centuries your culture has stood on.

    I thank you for what you’ve done and I humbly ask you to keep doing it!
    Kindest regards, from the other side of the world.

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